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03/06/2024 - Version 14 Maintenance Release

A new Maintenance Release dated 03/06/2024 has been released for PowerChurch Plus Version 14.

The update will automatically download and install, but you can trigger the download by going to Help > Download Maintenance Release. You can also manually download and install the Maintenance Release by visiting

PowerChurch Online servers will be updated automatically overnight. For PowerChurch Online users, no further action needs to be taken.

This Maintenance Release includes the following:

Personal Profiles

  • People with no dates assigned are included in date selections in specific situations
  • Profile Age Ranges report shows incorrect ages/counts when run on leap day 2/29


  • Fast Data Entry - Unassigned or Invalid bar code scan messaging improved


  • Maintain Donors - When there is only one person with the envelope assigned, the Unlink button on the Profiles tab should be disabled
  • Release Repeating list should use combined envelope name
  • Statements/Receipts - Email a copy to this address doesn't work for some email providers
  • Maintain List of Contribution Funds - Account name display doesn't change until change is saved

Fund Accounting

  • Accounting Fund Balances report - Include Annual Totals option doesn't save/load properly in saved report profile
  • Reconcile Bank Accounts - Statement date isn't saved when completing the reconciliation
  • Reconcile Bank Accounts - Account lookup should ignore inactive or unused account numbers
  • Budget Entry - Distributing an amount proportionately can generate an error
  • Reversing a transaction should add a note to the transaction

Accounts Receivable

  • Maintain Customers - Print Account Statement can have the wrong beginning balance


  • 941 form and filing process updated for 2024
  • All time off data should be printed on stubs if the option is enabled and generating one stub per page layout

Equipment Inventory

  • Edit existing maintenance record doesn't save changes to date, by, or notes

Custom Reports

  • Edit Record Filter - Query conditions list doesn't scale with screen DPI
  • Various places where Tagged Profiles is a selection returns "Must enter Y or N" when editing the query