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03/06/2024 - Version 12 Maintenance Release

A new Maintenance Release dated 03/06/2024 has been released for PowerChurch Plus Version 12.

The update will automatically download and install, but you can trigger the download by going to Help > Download Maintenance Release. You can also manually download and install the Maintenance Release by visiting

This Maintenance Release includes the following:

Personal Profiles

  • People with no dates assigned are included in date selections in specific situations
  • Profile Age Ranges report shows incorrect ages/counts when run on leap day 2/29


  • Maintain Donors - When there is only one person with the envelope assigned, the Unlink button on the Profiles tab should be disabled
  • Release Repeating list should use combined envelope name
  • Statements/Receipts - Email a copy to this address doesn't work for some email providers

Fund Accounting

  • Accounting Fund Balances report - Include Annual Totals option doesn't save/load properly in saved report profile
  • Budget Entry - Distributing an amount proportionately can generate an error
  • Reconcile Bank Accounts - Account lookup should ignore inactive or unused account numbers


  • 941 form and filing process updated for 2024