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The PowerChurch Check In system is now available for PowerChurch Plus and PowerChurch Online!
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Key Features

  • Child security features
  • Print name tags, claim tickets, bag tags, teacher notes labels at check in
  • Record Incident Notes to inform parents at check out
  • Automatically record Attendance status at check in
  • Register new/update existing family information
  • Capture family/individual pictures into PowerChurch Plus from web cam
  • Web Check In stations provide limited check in functionality to any computer with access to the server/host computer (Only available in Check In for PowerChurch Plus)
The PowerChurch Check In system installs easily on a local network, with Check In Kiosks receiving information from the host computer, where PowerChurch Plus is installed. For PowerChurch Online customers, the Check In Kiosk software installs on any Windows computer with access to the internet, which connects directly to the PowerChurch Online server. The kiosk application is designed to be user-friendly to allow the check in/check out process to move as quickly as possible.

Child Security

The need for child security is usually the cause of your decision to purchase a Check In system. The PowerChurch Check In system includes many child security features, such as:
  • Know who is here
  • Quick report to know who is in what room
  • Don't let your teachers get overloaded - View class attendance in real time to know if any classes need extra help
  • Alert teachers to allergies
  • Make sure the right person is picking up the right child - Manned stations display pictures during check in and check out. Match parent's receipts with security code during check in.
  • Know what happened - Volunteers can record notes about fevers, play ground falls, or anything else. These messages can be displayed to parents on check out and by church staff during the week for follow up.
  • Keep track of who dropped off and picked up children and what station they used

Key Features

  • Manned and self-serve modes
  • Prints name badges
  • Allergy information can be printed on labels
  • Parents can enter a message to the teacher during check in
  • Records attendance automatically
  • Quickly register first time guests
  • Barcodes scanner to quickly check in
  • Webcam to capture family and individual pictures (at 640x480)
  • Stores parent id or pager numbers
  • Compatible with Dymo LabelWriter 400/450 series (including Twin Turbo) printers. (More information)

Easy setup

  • Works with PowerChurch membership, activity groups and events modules
  • Set a group as always available for check in for nursery activities
  • Set options on each check in station

Completely Integrated with PowerChurch

  • Configure through activities and event modules in PowerChurch
  • Adds new people into PowerChurch
  • No duplication in different systems
  • Automatically updates attendance information

Express Check Out Mode

  • Quickly check children out when activity is over
  • Helps reduce long lines after an event
  • Scan barcode on child, parent and optional bag tag to quickly and efficiently check children out after and event has finished.

Customize to your needs

  • Check in stations can be customized to the activities groups
  • Set what options are available on that check in station
  • Self serve HTML mode for complete customization of look (Only available in Check In for PowerChurch Plus)
  • Lots of customization for each activity group - to print or not print name badge, what information appears on the name badge, what types of stations can be used for that activity group.

Not Just For Children

The PowerChurch Check In system can also be used to check in adult activities or church wide events like worship services. Attendance data is automatically recorded in the system, which can save hours of data entry!