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The PowerChurch Check In system is available for PowerChurch Plus and PowerChurch Online!
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Key Features

  • Child security features
  • Print name tags, claim tickets, bag tags, and teacher notes labels at check in
  • Record Incident Notes to inform parents at check out
  • Automatically record Attendance status at check in
  • Register new/update existing family information
  • Capture family/individual pictures into PowerChurch from a web cam
The Check In Kiosk application is available to install on Windows and macOS devices. When used with PowerChurch Plus, the Check In system installs easily on a local network, with Check In Kiosks receiving information from the server/host computer. For PowerChurch Online users, the Check In Kiosk software connects directly to the PowerChurch Online servers. The kiosk application is designed to be user-friendly to allow the check in/check out process to move as quickly as possible. A secure Web Kiosk is accessible via web browser for PowerChurch Online users, allowing essentially any connected device to function as a Check In/Check Out station.

Child Security

The need for child security is most often what drives the decision to purchase a Check In system. The PowerChurch Check In system includes many child security features, such as:
  • Know who is here
  • Quick report to know who is in what room
  • Don't let your teachers get overloaded - View class attendance in real time to know if any classes need extra help
  • Alert teachers to allergies, medications, and medical conditions
  • Make sure the right person is picking up the right child - Manned stations display pictures during check in and check out. Match parents' label with security code during check out.
  • Know what happened - Volunteers can record notes about various things - for example, a child running a fever or a fall on the playground. These messages can be displayed to parents at the time of check out and by church staff during the week for follow-up.
  • Keep track of who dropped off and picked up children, which user was logged in and at which station.

Key Features

  • Manned and self-serve modes
  • Prints name badges
  • Allergy information can be printed on labels
  • Parents can enter a message to the teacher at check in
  • Records attendance automatically
  • Quickly register first time visitors
  • Bar code scanner to quickly check in and out
  • Web cam to capture family and individual pictures
  • Assign pager numbers
  • Compatible with virtually any label printer.

Easy setup

  • Works with existing PowerChurch Membership, Activities & Skills, and Events Calendar
  • Set an activity as always available for check in
  • Set various options on each check in station

Completely Integrated with PowerChurch

  • Configure through Activities & Skills and Events Calendar in PowerChurch
  • Add new or update existing people in PowerChurch
  • No duplication in different systems
  • Automatically records attendance

Express Check Out Mode

  • Quickly check children out when class or service is over
  • Helps reduce long lines after an event
  • Express Check Out mode allows check out via bar code scanning

Customize to your needs

  • Check in stations' color themes and banner text or image can be customized
  • Choose which classes are available at each check in station
  • Lots of options for each class or activity - which labels should print, which information appears on the labels, which stations (Self-serve or Manned) can be used for that activity.

Not Just For Children

The PowerChurch Check In system can also be used to check in adults' Activities or Church-Wide Events like worship services. Attendance data is automatically recorded in the system, which can save hours of data entry!