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The PowerChurch Check In system is now available for PowerChurch Plus and PowerChurch Online!

Is the Check In system available for PowerChurch Online users?

Yes. PowerChurch Check In is now available for PowerChurch Online users. Monthly and Yearly pricing is available, just as is for PowerChurch Online. Unfortunately, Check In kiosks are Windows PC only. It is not possible to run Check In kiosks on Mac OS or Linux.

Are there additional fees to set up new Check In stations in the future?

No. PowerChurch Software products are licensed to the church or the organization. You can set up as many Check In stations as you need at no additional cost. This also applies to PowerChurch Online Check In users. The number of Check In stations you have in use is not limited by your number of concurrent user licenses.

Do we need network access to use the Check In system?

Yes and no. To have multiple Check In kiosks, each will need to have network access to the server or host computer. It is possible, without network access, to have a single computer host PowerChurch Plus, the Check In server, and act as the Check In kiosk. This is not an ideal setup, however, if you expect to be checking many people in at a time.

PowerChurch Online Check In stations obviously need access to the internet to be able to connect to the online server.

Do we need an actual file server to use the Check In system?

No. The Check In system will run on a simple Windows peer-to-peer network.

How does it all work?

For PowerChurch Plus: The server or host computer, where PowerChurch Plus is installed runs the Check In Server software. This is installed as a Windows service, which starts automatically when you turn on the computer. Check In stations will run either the Check In Kiosk software or by accessing pages using a web browser.

For PowerChurch Online: The Check In stations are contacting the PowerChurch Online servers directly, requesting pictures and information. Web check in is not available with PowerChurch Online.

The information all resides in PowerChurch Plus' data files. The server simply collects the data and pictures and delivers it to the Check In Stations, when requested.

Can I set up Tablet PCs to use as Check In stations?

Yes. The Check In kiosk software is designed to work with touch screens, large or small.

Can I set up touch screen monitors for use at Check In stations?

Yes. The Check In kiosk software is optimized to work on touch screen monitors, large or small. The onscreen fields and buttons are large, for easy access. An onscreen keyboard has been integrated into the software. You can choose to use it or not from one station to the next. Of course, the Check In kiosk software will function perfectly using a traditional keyboard and mouse as well.

Can I use my non-Windows computer as a Check In station?

Yes and no. The full-featured Check In Kiosk software requires a PC running Windows 2000 SP4 or higher. For limited check in functionality, you can connect any computer as a Web Check In station. This allows basic Self-Serve check in functionality. Child security and other administrative functionality is not available on Web Check In stations. Web Check In is not available for PowerChurch Online customers.

Are there hardware add-ons available?

Yes. The Check In System supports bar code readers, touch screen monitors, and the Dymo LabelWriter 400/450 series printers (including Twin Turbo). Visit PowerChurch Check In - Compatible Products for compatible hardware items.

What size images are captured by web cam?

The Check In System is able to capture family and individual pictures from a web cam at 640x480 resolution.