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What's New in Check In Version 14

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The PowerChurch Check In system is available for PowerChurch Plus and PowerChurch Online!
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Key Features

  • Child security features
  • Print name tags, claim tickets, bag tags, and teacher notes labels at check in
  • Record Incident Notes to inform parents at check out
  • Automatically record Attendance status at check in
  • Register new/update existing family information
  • Capture family/individual pictures into PowerChurch from a web cam
PowerChurch Check In Version 14 adds many new and improved features, most of which came from user suggestions. Version 14 focuses on adding compatibility for various devices as well as speeding up the processes. Below is a list of new and improved features in Check In Version 14.

Increased Compatibility

The installed Check In Kiosk app is now available for Windows and macOS devices. PowerChurch Online also supports a Web Kiosk, which is accessed via web browser.

Print Server

For web kiosks or other devices that don't have a printer attached, you can launch an installed Kiosk and bring its connected printer online as a Print Server. This makes the shared printer available to all other connected devices.

Don't Allow Check In/Check Out By Children

There is a new option to remove children from the lookups and lists that are expecting a parent or guardian's name. This thins out the list of results to scroll through when searching for a parent by name. It also naturally prevents a child from being reported as checking other children in or out.

Permanently Authorize Non-Family Members

When checking in non-family members, there is now an option to permanently authorize the selected person to check in and check out this child. This is useful when a child is regularly dropped off or picked up by someone in a different family/household in PowerChurch, such as a neighbor, grandparent, or by a non-custodial parent.

Pager Number

The Pager Number field now allows up to ten digits and supports alphanumeric characters. The Pager Number can also be permanently assigned to the family. Once someone is checked in, the Pager Number can now be assigned from the Class Roster screen.

Check All

The Check In screen now has a Check All button. Clicking this will select all activities and individuals. When there are multiple family members being checked into multiple activities or events, this will save some clicks!

Add Multiple People to an Activity

The process of adding a person to a new activity was previously to select the person, then select the activity. Now, you select the activity and a list of all family members are shown, allowing you to select multiple people at once. This is especially useful when checking a whole family in to a special event.

Print Class Name on Parent Label

You can optionally choose to have the class name print on the parent/claim ticket label. This is useful when Check Out station is in a different location, away from where the children are located.

Label Editor

The installed kiosk app includes a label editor, which allows you to create and customize label sets. The label sets are stored on the Check In Server and hold important information such as the physical dimensions of your labels and the orientation of the label in the printer. You can also print label previews directly from the label editor.

Class Roster Updates

The following improvements were made in the Class Roster:
  • View Medical Info icon shows at a glance if there are allergies, medications, or medical conditions on record in PowerChurch for each person.
  • Add/Update Pager Number after check in has already occurred. Pager Number can be permanently assigned to the family.
  • Reprint Any/All Labels, not just the name badge. Also allows you to choose a different printer and label set.

Add/Update Family Redesigned

The add/update family screen has been redesigned. All family and profile information is entered in a single scrolling list. There is no longer a limit of six children. PowerChurch allows up to 99 members of each family. You can record each person's birth date, gender, email address, and a profile phone number.

Kiosk Activity Selection

The kiosk settings allow you to limit which activities/classes are able to be checked in from this station. Check In 14 adds the ability to select activities individually, by activity type, or by activity departments.

Kiosk Color Themes

There are nine color themes built-in for you to choose from, as well as a custom color theme editor, allowing you to pick colors to match existing church branding.

Maintenance Release Updates

Maintenance Release updates are now downloaded and installed on the server automatically. Kiosks will show a notification with install prompt when a new update is available.