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Child Security Add-on - Check In/Check Out - Server/Kiosk setup. The PowerChurch Check In System is designed to be used in multiple environments: Nursery, kids' church, and any other young child activities where parents will check out their children after the service or event. It can also be configured to record only attendance and participation in events for everyone else without the child security features. Compatible hardware includes touch screen, bar code scanning, label printing, and web cam for capturing pictures at time of check in.

Download links sent via e-mail for the software installer. User manual included in PDF format. Download links are valid for two weeks.

Physical Media price includes installation CD and user manual in PDF format delivered via USPS.

Bundle Discount Receive $50 off the price of the Check In System add-on when purchasing together with a New User or Upgrade license of PowerChurch Plus.

Upgrade Existing users of Check In Version 11 can upgrade to Version 14 at a discounted rate.

All prices are listed in USD and payments will be processed in USD.

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How would you like to receive the software?
How would you like to receive the software?

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