PowerChurch Check In Product Tour

The PowerChurch Check In system works along side PowerChurch Plus or PowerChurch Online as an affordable and easy to use Check In system. Check In settings are tied to specific Events and Activities in PowerChurch Plus. Those who are members of the specified activity will automatically be included in the list of people who can be checked in.

Child Security

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The PowerChurch Check In system is now available for PowerChurch Plus and PowerChurch Online!
Other Information

Key Features

  • Affordable price
  • Easy setup process
  • Child security features
  • Attendance entry
  • Supports optional hardware such as printers, bar code readers, web cams, and pager systems
While there are many other useful features available in the Check In system, child security is at the heart of the design. Many security features have been included. You can specify which employees or volunteers should have access to the Check In system. Only people who live in the same household are linked to be able to check in or check out children by default. Family and individual pictures are pulled from your PowerChurch Plus data to help identify family members and the children who are checked in.

Attendance Entry

The Check In system not only provides child security, but also allows you to record attendance automatically for those who are checked in. Kiosks can be run in "Self Serve" mode for activities and events that do not require security features to simply record attendance.

Hardware Support

Most any Windows or MacOS device should be able to run the installed Check In Kiosk app. For PowerChurch Online users, there is also a Web Kiosk that can be accessed by any device with a web browser. Label printers, web cams, paging systems, and bar code scanners can all be used with the Check In System to make the check in/check out process as efficient as possible.