Data Conversion Service

PowerChurch Software provides data conversion services for new users coming from many commercial church management software systems as well as custom designed systems using things such as Access and Excel spreadsheets. The Data Conversion service is priced according to which areas of your existing data will need to be converted.

Membership Data

We are able to convert contact and census type information into the Membership system in PowerChurch Plus/Online. This would include information such as name, address, up to three family phones, up to five personal phones, up to twelve date fields, family and personal e-mail addresses, web sites, etc.

Contribution Data

Optionally, we can convert contribution data, including the different "funds" that people are able to donate to, as well as all individual giving history. Converting this information over into PowerChurch Plus/Online mid-year would allow you to generate year end statements from PowerChurch, rather than two separate statements, one from your previous software for the first part of the year and from PowerChurch for the rest of the year.

Additional Data

More detailed Membership and Contribution data can also be converted for an additional charge. In Membership, this includes Activities & Skills, where small groups are recorded. Also Attendance data can be converted from most systems. On the Contributions side, converting Pledge/Faith Promise data is also a possibility.