Data Conversion Service

Pricing & Ordering

Please review the information below to get an estimated cost of the data conversion service. If you would like to have data converted that is not listed in this form, or to have multiple data sets merged together, we will need to get the data files from you before being able to issue a quote for the data conversion service.

To get your data conversion started, please click the link at the bottom of the page. If the data conversion requires a quote, you will receive a quote by e-mail in one to two business days.

Membership Data ($250)

Note: This is required data. Includes contact information, such as name, address, phone, and e-mail. Also includes dates, member status, mailing preferences, and any other custom status codes that you have assigned.

Activities & Skills (+ $25)

Includes small group activities such as Sunday School classes, committees, choir, etc. Also can be used to track skills, such as musician, carpenter, and computer maintenance.

Attendance (+ $25)

Note: Activities & Skills data is required if converting Attendance. Attendance data in PowerChurch is person, date, and activity specific. It is not possible to record attendance counts for a date. You must have a Present, Absent, Excused, or Not Applicable status for each person for each date for this information to be converted. Otherwise, it is not possible for attendance data to be converted.

Contributions (+ $75)

Note: If you do not have envelope number/contributor ID assigned in your existing data, this will be added automatically in the data conversion. Envelope numbers are required in PowerChurch. Contribution data includes the list of "funds" or different things people are able to contribute to, and date-specific giving history.

Pledges (+ $25)

Note: Contribution data is required if converting Pledges. Pledges/Faith Promises can be added to the Contribution data. PowerChurch allows you to set up pledges with weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly, or "one-time" pay frequency. Each pledge is envelope, fund, and date range specific. A contributor can have multiple pledges going on at the same time as long as the pledges are to different funds.

Convert other data not listed here (Requires Quote)

Note: Accounting information can never be converted in PowerChurch. This includes accounts, balances, budgets, transactions, etc. If you have non-accounting data that is not listed in one of the groups above, we may still be able to convert it for you. Our developers will need to see the data to be converted before issuing a quote for the actual cost of the conversion.

Converting from Multiple Data Sets (Requires Quote)

If you have data in more than one program or data set that you will need combined into a single PowerChurch data set, the process is much more complex. Our developers will need to see the data to be converted before issuing a quote for the actual cost of the conversion.

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