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Key Features

  • Integrates into PowerChurch Plus
  • Tiered pricing to fit your needs
  • CASS Certification standardizes addresses, Zip+4, Carrier Route, LOT, etc.
  • PAVE Postal Presort mailings for the maximum discount
  • Generate all required forms and labels for each type of mailing

CASS Certification

PowerChurch Mailroom puts your mailing list through a process called CASS certification, where your mailing list is updated to the latest postal standards. Address spellings are corrected, abbreviations standardized, ZIP+4 digits added, and addresses verified as valid delivery points.

This process is integrated into PowerChurch Plus. There is no need to import and export your data, as it works directly with your PowerChurch Plus data. Why waste money sending mail to undeliverable addresses? Let PowerChurch Mailroom...
  • Standardize addresses to the latest USPS standards.
  • Verify each address against the USPS list of valid delivery points.
  • CASS certify your entire membership database directly in PowerChurch Plus.
  • Print USPS Form 3553 as required for submitting automated mailings.

PAVE Postal Presort

PowerChurch Mailroom adds a new option to the print mailing labels process. The Presort Assistant walks you through the whole process of preparing your mailing to take to the post office. PowerChurch Mailroom will then determine the number and sizes of trays needed, print the mailing labels in the correct order, and calculate the total postage costs as well.
  • PAVE certify your mailings for the lowest possible postage rates.
  • First Class, Standard Mail, and Periodical sorts are all included.
  • Print bar coded mailing labels or envelopes.
  • Includes graphical label and envelope editor.
  • Generates all required USPS documentation and reports.
  • Labels can include optional endorsement line (OEL) data.
  • Print spacer labels with sack/tray information between each group.

NCOA Link/Move Update Notification Service

Move Update service is available for PowerChurch Mailroom users for an additional fee. This service scans through your addresses and notifies you of any that have filed a Change of Address (COA) with the USPS.