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Key Features

  • Online church directory
  • Social networking features
  • Membership data is synced from PowerChurch Plus
  • Only accessible to your members
  • Extensive privacy and security settings

Security and Privacy

  • Your site is only accessible to the church members that you select during the OneBody Sync process in PowerChurch Plus, normally Members and Regular Attenders.
  • Though each member's account is created automatically, they must go through a registration and verification process to be able to log in for the first time.
  • You can set site-wide defaults to not show street addresses, phone numbers, birthday years, etc.
  • Parents have control over what information is displayed about their family, and have one-click control to remove themselves and their family from the site completely.
  • Children's accounts are created, but are in a locked state. Parents need to manually enable each child's account for them to be able to log in and participate in the community.

Online Directory

  • An up to date Church Directory is viewable online, or can be downloaded as a PDF. This is generated from the data in PowerChurch Plus as of the last OneBody sync process.
  • Members can add their company information into a Business Directory for the church.

Social Networking

OneBody contains many popular social networking features, such as:
  • Friends lists (requires mutual approval)
  • Messaging and comments
  • Share pictures (with optional comments)
  • User-generated Shared News page
  • "Groups" created automatically from Activities & Skills data in PowerChurch Plus
  • Individuals can import RSS feeds from other sites, like Facebook and Twitter, onto their home page.
  • Security settings per family, per person, and site wide
  • Unlike a public Social Networking site, the church has full administrative control over site content and user participation.


  • When members change their contact information, the church administrator is notified by e-mail. This helps keep your PowerChurch Plus Membership data up to date.
  • Person to person comments and messages
  • Send individual e-mails
  • Send group e-mails