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Membership features

Other Information

Key Features

  • Store important family and individual information
  • Customizable fields to track the non-standard information you need
  • Small groups & talents tracking
  • Record background checks through Protect My Ministry
  • Attendance tracking and reporting
  • Communications: mailing labels, mail merge, e-mail, phone dialer export
We understand that church administrators wear multiple hats and want to help simplify your day to day tasks. Keeping track of your congregation doesn't have to be heavy-lifting. PowerChurch Plus has simplified the tasks of adding new members and maintaining existing information. This frees you up to go about the more important task of actually getting to know the people in those records - and serving them.

Contact information

Keeping up to date contact information allows you to communicate more efficiently, allowing greater participation in the church. We've made it simple for administrators to collect addresses, phone numbers, photographs and other information, so that you may then send e-mails, print reports, mailing labels or even Rolodex cards.

Talents and Activities

PowerChurch Plus provides you with a quick and easy way to collect information about your members' unique talents and small group participation. You can use this information to develop ministries, plan programming, and enhance services and other outreach.

Tracking Attendance

We know that capturing attendance is about more than keeping an accurate count. You want to identify attendance patterns, plan sermons, understand your growth, and track promotions about sermon series and events. We've made it possible for you to track attendance at church services, in Sunday school classes, at committee meetings and any other activity you choose. You can then print reports and graphs which allow you to analyze the data you've collected and be more proactive.

Visitation History

Church leadership follows up with members and visitors in order to reach out and serve thoughtfully. Recording visitations allows you to track the details of these visits for future reference. Whether performing a hospital visit, personal counseling, or just dropping by to see how things are going, important information can be gained by referring back to these notes in the future. As with all functions in PowerChurch Plus, access to visitation notes can be limited on a per user basis.

Ministry Services

PowerChurch Plus allows you to track baptisms, marriages, funerals and any other services that you deem important to the life of your church. You can then analyze reports that show the number of services of each type that you've conducted and track the growth of the church over time.