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Event Scheduling

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Key Features

  • Schedule one-time or recurring events
  • Assign tasks to people in Membership
  • Reserve rooms and equipment
  • Conflict resolution when scheduling events
  • Generate calendars for use in word processing programs or HTML for web pages
  • Google Calendar sync process
  • Send e-mails for event and task notifications
With the multitudes of activities happening at once, you need an easy way to manage your time and other resources. PowerChurch Plus has made it easy for you to handle all facets of event planning and management with the integrated Event Scheduling module.

Manage Your Space

It's inevitable that when there are multiple events, reserving the appropriate space can get dicey. With PowerChurch Plus, you can easily reserve the appropriate space for each event on your schedule. This way, you won't double-book and find yourself scrambling to move people to a different room at the last moment.

Schedule Necessary Equipment

Like every other resource, your organization's equipment is limited. The Equipment Inventory module allows you to schedule and reserve what you need to ensure that every event goes smoothly and as planned and no group is left out. Schedule all kinds of equipment from chairs to church vans to video projectors and portable PA equipment, you'll prevent scheduling conflicts when different groups expect to have specific resources available for their events.

Coordinate All Tasks

Most churches have a group of people who are always involved and help pull successful events together. PowerChurch Plus allows you to assign tasks to people and even send e-mail reminders automatically. So, whether the scheduled task is to write an announcement in the bulletin, pick-up donuts, or to setup the video projector in the classroom, we will make sure that it's all planned for and everyone knows in advance what is required.

Communicate About Events

Send e-mail announcements to members, which include only the activities that they are involved in. Parents can automatically receive notification of events for groups their children are in. The Events module can be synced with Google Calendar, which provides an easy way to keep your web site up-to-date.