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System features

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Key Features

  • Get a "dashboard view" of selected information on program startup
  • Customizable Quick Menu keeps navigation to a minimum
  • Integrated Backup & Restore process
  • Fully networkable with easy setup at no additional cost
  • Integrated e-mail features HTML formatting and file attachments
PowerChurch Plus contains a number of features that help tie it all together, categorized here under "system" features.

PowerChurch Plus offers the following system features:

PowerChurch Today

PowerChurch Today is a customizable feature that brings time-sensitive data to your attention at program startup. You won't ever miss out on birthdays, anniversaries, bills that are waiting to be paid, upcoming events, and more.

Network ready

PowerChurch Plus comes complete with full multi-user network access at no extra cost. If your church has two or more computers connected by a network, any users on the network can enter data into PowerChurch Plus.

User Security

For confidentiality, a full security system lets a System Administrator control each user's access to the various modules of PowerChurch Plus. An auditing system will insure you know who enters, edits, and deletes sensitive data.

Graphs and reports

Display your data in a pie chart or bar graph to identify trends and analyze information. Print over 150 standard reports or design your own reports using our custom report writer.

Canadian features

PowerChurch Plus has the capability to print Canadian tax receipts, track reclaimable GST, and use Canadian specific terminology such as province and postal code.

Backup & Restore

PowerChurch Plus includes built-in backup & restore functionality. Includes the ability to backup directly to removable devices, including flash media, CD, DVD drives, and more. Backup to mapped network drives and external storage devices with ease! Backups can be automated using Windows Scheduled Tasks.