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Frequently Asked Questions

How is PowerChurch Plus licensed?

PowerChurch Plus is licensed to the church or organization, not to the individual user. This means you only purchase the software once for the whole church office to use. As long as the work that you are doing in the software is for the church or organization that the program is licensed to, it is completely acceptable to install the software on as many different computers as needed. This includes your home, work, or portable notebook computers.

Is PowerChurch Plus sold by individual modules?

No. The advertised price of the software is for the full program functionality. There will never be hidden fees to unlock program functionality. While we do offer add-on products and services, we will do our very best to make it clear what is a built-in option in the program, versus an add-on product or service.

Can you install PowerChurch Plus on a network?

Yes. PowerChurch Plus is network ready, right out of the box. There is no additional charge for this. Networking instructions can be found here.

Do I have to purchase upgrades separately?

When you purchase PowerChurch Plus as a new user, you will receive the latest build of the latest version of the program. In the future, when we release a new version of the program, we will inform our existing users of the features and changes made in the new version. Upgrades are optional at that point and are made available at a discounted price for existing users.

How do I upgrade from one version of PowerChurch Plus to the next?

The PowerChurch Plus installer contains a full program installation. The difference in upgrade vs. new user pricing is simply that, a price break for existing customers. More information about installing upgrades can be found here.

I'm a new user. How do I get the data from my existing application into PowerChurch Plus?

PowerChurch Plus includes the tools you need to convert certain information yourself. You can import "Family Mailing List" records into PowerChurch Plus, which is only one record per family or household. This does not include personal information, or "Personal Profiles" data. This information would need to be entered manually. There is also an Import Contributions feature that will allow you to import your existing Contributions history, tied to the envelope number field in Personal Profiles and Contribution funds defined in the Contributions module.

PowerChurch Software offers a Data Conversion service, in which our Program Development staff would extract information from your existing application and insert it into the appropriate areas in PowerChurch Plus. It is possible to convert Membership and Contributions information. For more information, visit Data Conversion Information for more details.

What is the difference between PowerChurch Plus and PowerChurch Online?

PowerChurch Plus is a program that is installed locally on your computer or your local network server. PowerChurch Plus is sold at a one-time cost for the full program functionality. There are no limitations to the number of users working in PowerChurch Plus at a time. PowerChurch Plus is a Windows only application.

PowerChurch Online is an installation of PowerChurch Plus on our web server. You connect to the server remotely from across an active internet connection, then run the program as you normally would. PowerChurch Online is sold as a service, with a monthly or yearly fee. With standard licensing fees, you are able to have two users connected to the online server at any given time. You can add additional user licenses at a discounted price. PowerChurch Online supports connections from Windows, Mac, Linux, and even Android/iOS devices.

Is PowerChurch Plus available for Apple/Macintosh computers?

No. PowerChurch Plus is a Windows only application. PowerChurch Online, however, does support connections from Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android/iOS devices.

Is PowerChurch Plus compatible with Windows 10?

Yes. We have thoroughly tested PowerChurch Plus versions 10.4 and higher in Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10 - 32bit and 64bit operating systems. Any time a new compatibility issue is introduced through Windows Updates, current versions of PowerChurch Plus will be updated via Maintenance Release.

What are Maintenance Releases and how do I get them?

PowerChurch Software issues updates to current versions of PowerChurch Plus called Maintenance Releases. This is the manner in which we distribute bug fixes, issue changes to existing program functionality, or implement user suggestions for new features. These updates are always free of charge and not dependant upon an active Technical Support plan. Newer versions of PowerChurch Plus will automatically check for available updates, if an internet connection is available. To manually check for available updates, visit the Maintenance Release download page.

Is Technical Support included in the purchase price?

PowerChurch Online includes unlimited Technical Support at no additional charge. New licenses of PowerChurch Plus include 90 days of free Technical Support. Upgrades include 45 days of free Technical Support. These free periods of support do not start counting down until your first call or e-mail for Technical Support. Once this free period of support has been used up, the next time you call or e-mail for support, you will be given the option of doing a one-time support call, which includes a week of free follow-up on the same support issue, six months of unlimited support, or one year of unlimited support. These items can be billed to the church if the account is in good standing. Current pricing and support policies can be found here.