PowerChurch Plus Version 11 Updates

Membership features

  • Family e-mail address and sending process added
  • Family Mailing List and Integrated Data Entry screens display Visitations records
  • Personal Profiles screen displays Activities, Attendance, Contributions, and Ministry Services records
  • Allergies, Conditions, and Medications fields for each individual
  • Added 4 new date fields to Personal Profiles. There are now 12 custom date fields
  • Family and individual web site fields
  • Integration with Protect My Ministry to provide background checks for adults in selected activities
  • Class Promotions added to easily move people from one activity to the next, such as Sunday School graduation
  • Send e-mails to the parents of children in selected activities
  • Print mailing labels to the parents of children in selected activities
  • Visit Area and Who Visits fields are now customizable code fields
  • Default Mailing Category and Personal Status code options
  • New fields added to Visitations: Purpose and Method

The following reports were added or changed in Version 11:

  • Family picture option added to all Church Directory layouts
  • Blank family registration form
  • Update family information form
  • New "Deacons report" lists detailed family information with optional family picture
  • New "Active/Inactive Profiles reports" pull information from Contributions and Attendance history
  • New "Birthdays and Anniversaries report"
  • Average Weekly Attendance By Month graph added
  • New "Attendance By Activity Type report" groups similar activities and lists attendance status for each week
  • Filter by Visit Area and Who Visits added to Attendance reports

Contributions features

  • Memo (note) field added to Contribution entry
  • Designated Contributions tracking added for things like memorials and missionary support
  • Easily include or exclude funds from Contribution Statements
  • Mark funds inactive
  • Late Payers pledge selection for mail merge
  • Check Number added to Import Contributions process
  • Reassign Another button added to Reassign Envelope Number process
  • Add new account in Fund Accounting from the Maintain List of Contribution Funds screen
  • Reverse button added to View Posted Contributions
  • Reverse contribution process warns if contribution has already been reversed
  • New Fund Type field makes Contribution Fund selections easier on reports

The following reports were added or changed in Version 11:

  • Average Weekly Contributions graph added
  • Canadian Tax Receipt layout added, strict interpretation of "sample # 1" receipt
  • Envelope Numbers List report can be filtered by envelope number and Personal Status code
  • New option to reset to default options added to Contribution Range report
  • Added date range filter to Pledged/Unpledged Totals report
  • Option to print only Contribution Statements that were not e-mailed
  • Funds report can now be filtered by Fund Number

Payroll module redesigned

The Payroll module was redesigned in Version 11. Many new features were added, including:
  • Time Off tracking
  • 941 Deposit Report assistant
  • Improved deductions/exemptions tracking
  • Process Contributions deductions from Payroll checks
  • Record printed checks, manual checks, and direct deposit transactions all at once
  • State-specific tax table formats included for 50-state compatibility
  • Integration with Protect My Ministry to provide employee background checks
  • Check number field increased to 20 characters

Other Accounting features

  • Bank reconciliation process made simpler
  • Add accounts "on the fly" when working in other areas of the program
  • New change primary checking account process
  • Add A/P vendor "on the fly" when entering invoices and manual checks
  • Mark vendors inactive
  • Repeating items improved in Accounts Payable
  • Repeating invoices added to Accounts Receivable
  • Warns if checks or transactions have already been voided or reversed
  • Per-vendor option not to combine multiple invoices on a single check
  • Check number added to Maintain Open Invoices Locate list
  • Mobile and Home Phone fields added to Vendor records
  • Note field added to Vendor records
  • "Jump To" vendor screen from Maintain Open Invoices, Maintain Manual Checks, and Maintain Computer Checks

The following reports were added or changed in Version 11:

  • Reprint bank reconciliation reports at a later time
  • Reprint Posting Reports at a later time
  • New "Detail Changes in Equity report" shows the transaction detail behind the equity balances

General features

  • Sync Events to Google Calendar
  • Google Maps and Bing Maps added to internet mapping options
  • Refresh Report Options and Selection Criteria when viewing a report on the screen
  • Save and Recall report profiles
  • Drag and drop picture importing
  • Spell Check added to all notes fields
  • Date validation added, to help catch invalid dates, such as 12/01/0009
  • Improved network performance
  • Auto update downloads and installs Maintenance Release updates automatically
  • Date Range Selection allows date selections by name, such as "This week", "Last year", etc.
  • Select starting label position when printing mailing labels
  • Mailing labels now use preferred name format
  • All customizable code fields have "Add new code" option, allowing you to add a new code value "on the fly"
  • Integration with PowerChurch Check In, an add-on product