PowerChurch Plus Version 11.5 Updates

Membership features

  • Family Attendance and Contributions summary graph on Family Mailing List and Integrated Data Entry
  • Attendance and Contribution graphs added to the Personal Profiles screen
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  • Merge Duplicate Profiles utility combines Activities, Attendance, and Contribution information for two Personal Profiles
  • Family picture thumbnail is displayed on the Personal Profile picture tab
  • Copy family picture to profile and crop to the individual
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  • Move Profile utility now has option to create a new family or move to existing family
  • Maintain Activity/Skill Descriptions screen now displays members of the activity, attendance history, and offices served
  • Contact History log allows you to view contact history (e-mail, mailing labels, mail merge, phonetree, contribution statements, etc.) on each family and individual
  • Redesigned Add Family Assistant adds family and individuals in a much more efficient manner. Also used in Attendance and Contributions.
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  • Add New Family added to the Membership menu
  • Membership Audit Log tracks when information is deleted, moved, or merged
  • Olan Mills processes updated to the latest standards and allow importing pictures from disc

The following reports were added in Version 11.5:

  • New Adults With Background Checks report
  • Daily Column Layout added to the Attendance Register Form

Contribution features

  • Maintain List of Contribution Funds screen shows monthly totals graph/details
  • Release Repeating Contributions now shows total amount to be released

The following changes were made to Canadian Tax Receipts:

  • Receipt number now consecutive and unique
  • View receipt numbers of previously printed receipts
  • "Church" terminology changed to "Charity"

The following reports were added or changed in Version 11.5:

  • Contribution Range Report now allows zero range to be removed
  • Fund Descriptions report is now single spaced to use less paper
  • Funds Report now includes Designation information

Accounting features

  • Select posting month automatically from transaction date in Contributions, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and Payroll
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  • Redesigned Locate Account window shows formatted Chart of Accounts with filter options for account type and fund number when appropriate
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  • New Budget Entry screen allows you to work with multiple accounts at a time
  • The Maintain List of Accounting Funds screen now shows the accounts used in each fund. Also allows you to copy accounts from another fund at any time.
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The following reports were added or changed in Version 11.5:

  • Sub-Account report now has the option to include inactive accounts
  • New Budget Entry report printed from the new Budget Entry screen
  • Reprint a pay stub at any time from Maintain List of Employees in Payroll
  • New Salary History report added in Payroll

Other features

  • Save and recall e-mail templates
  • Toggle between visual e-mail editor and HTML code
  • Automated backups possible now using Windows Scheduled Tasks
  • Option to disable auto-complete Address and Zip/Postal Code fields
  • Crop pictures after importing

The following changes were made to the reporting system:

  • All built-in reports now properly print special and accented characters
  • Picture quality is significantly improved in printed reports like Church Directory
  • When saving Custom Reports to file, there is now a browse button, which allows you to easily browse to a different location and change the file name.