PowerChurch Plus Version 11.55 Updates

Membership features

  • Maintain Personal Profiles added Automated Messaging Service preferences
  • Birthdays & Anniversaries report now has Marital Status selection for anniversaries (to exclude widow/widower)
  • Birthdays & Anniversaries report now has option to include e-mail address
  • Most Personal Profile reports and selections now have Envelope Number and Directory Sequence selections
  • Church Directory report now has selections for Tagged Families and Mailing Category
  • Church Directory - Booklet layout renamed to Half Page layout
  • New Allergy & Medical Information report in Personal Profiles
  • Selected Names, Addresses, & Phones report now has Select All/Clear All buttons
  • Maintain Activity & Skill Descriptions - Members tab now shows Promotion Year
  • New Class Family Directory report
  • New Allergy & Medical Information report in Activities & Skills
  • Attendance Register Form - Full Details Layout - Include parent phone number

Contribution features

  • Option to not apply contribution to a pledge from Enter Contributions/Modify Unposted Contributions
  • New Yearly Totals By Envelope report
  • New Yearly Comparison report
  • Default "no goods or services" message added to Contribution Statements
  • Condensed Statements For Office report renamed to Contribution Summary report

Accounting features

  • Select accounts by report level when copying accounts from another fund
  • Add New Account assistant skips the Accounting Funds prompt if only one fund
  • Option to change default journal code for Fund Accounting module
  • View Posted Transactions - New filter options for Module and Entered By
  • View Posted Transactions now displays originating module
  • Print memo line on check from vendor and invoices
  • New Vendor List report
  • E-file the 941 form
  • Maintain List of Employees - Check History tab now shows Pay Period
  • Maintain List of Employees - Pay Items tab now shows Tax Table
  • Create Accounting Audit Log event when tax tables are modified
  • Item Summary report now optionally includes unposted transactions
  • Unposted Payroll report now has date selection

Other features

  • New option in e-mail setup to "Send a copy to this address"
  • Current Quarter and Prior Quarter added to date selection dropdowns
  • Last Sunday added to date selection dropdowns
  • Jump to a specific page in the Report Viewer
  • Many individual forms and reports optimized for better handling large data sets
  • Reporting system overall optimized for better handling large data sets and aggressive/slow antivirus scanning
  • Passwords menu option changed to Passwords & Permissions
  • Create Automated Messaging Service File replaced Phonetree functionality
  • CSV export from Mailing Label Options screen for use with third party services