PhoneTree Messaging Systems
VoiceWave™ is an automated messaging solution that simplifies an organization's communications. The hardware solutions are best for organizations that prefer a one-time purchase with no per-call charges. Calls are made using a standard phone line.

VoiceWave Online is available as an add-on to the VoiceWave Plus and VoiceWave Premium units, or can be used as a stand-alone solution. Online services are priced on a per-message basis.

Enjoy the benefits of generating twice the productivity in half the time it would typically take to manually call everyone in your list. Simply enter or import data, record your message and send. A Call Wizard customizes your calling options step-by-step. Access detailed call reports showing how each call was received; busy signals, hang-ups, answering machines or no answers.

Pricing & Information

For more information, contact Todd Jones at PhoneTree:
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