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At PowerChurch, we know that your work extends beyond what happens at your desk. For each of you who enters data, collects membership information, tracks and manages contributions or plans events, there is a personal story to tell. After speaking with many of you, we were inspired to share some of your stories with others. The work YOU do encourages us to continue our goal of making church management easy.
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Julia Field - Developing people and programs in Mississippi

Name: Julia Field

Title: Financial Secretary, Meadowwood Baptist Church

Passion: Helping people contribute by doing what they love

Why PowerChurch: The online option means working whenever, from wherever.

Julia has worked for Meadowwood Baptist Church for 15 years and her devotion and enthusiasm for the place is evident in her joyous and lilting voice. "We are GROWING. People naturally seem to find what they have a heart for and work in that ministry. I love seeing that happen! It's so exciting."

While Meadowwood is not a mega-church, its growth through the coordination of many new ministries means that the administration has to stay organized to keep up. From Operation Christmas Child to Vacation Bible School to running a coffee shop where "tweens" and teens relax and enjoy fellowship, Meadowwood stays busy knitting members and community together. PowerChurch Online is part of the toolkit used to keep things running smoothly behind the scenes.

Because the church is not networked, PowerChurch Online was a perfect choice for them. The ability to access all of the modules by multiple users in multiple locations affords the staff the freedom to accomplish tasks without being tied to their desks. "You know I love PowerChurch," Julia laughs. "I'm a promoter! Our ability to access the modules we use from anywhere keeps us from having to duplicate work or do things the old fashioned way. I know we would have to work twice as hard to finish our tasks and have to create 'workarounds' that aren't efficient."

As Financial Secretary, Julia handles contributions, budget items, payroll and accounts payable, among other tasks. "The contribution statements and our ability to keep track of everything so easily without hand-written or Excel files is amazing. I couldn't begin to tell you how much time we've saved because of PowerChurch Plus. It's made it possible for us to spend time on things we'd rather be doing."

One of those things is their full-sized library that is so well-stocked and used by church members that there is routinely a line of people waiting to check out books and other media. "We used PowerChurch Plus' membership module to set up our library card system so that all members were included. The library's use and popularity has grown tremendously."

"The next thing we're going to add is the nursery check-in module. I purchased it and am planning to play around with it when I get a chance to breathe," she says. "We've really needed it and I look forward to making it a part of our systems here."

Meadowwood is currently focused on what is next for them with regard to expanding membership, outreach, building projects and where they want to be in the next ten years. It's called their 20/20 Vision project.