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At PowerChurch, we know that your work extends beyond what happens at your desk. For each of you who enters data, collects membership information, tracks and manages contributions or plans events, there is a personal story to tell. After speaking with many of you, we were inspired to share some of your stories with others. The work YOU do encourages us to continue our goal of making church management easy.
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Sandra Lacy - Providing key resources to families in urban Delaware

Name: Pastor Sandra Lacy

Title: Founder, Rose of Sharon Family Ministries

Passion: Nurturing members of her community

Why PowerChurch: It does everything we want it to do and can still grow with us.

25 years ago, Sandra Lacy left corporate America, propelled by the idea that she was being called elsewhere. 14 years later, after slowly and carefully building the necessary resources, she started a ministry practically right out of her home.

As founder of the Rose of Sharon Family Ministries in Delaware, Lacy has seen many people come and go, but her mission is unchanged: take care of the practical, emotional, spiritual and physical needs of the people in her urban community. Her activities range from family counseling and outreach to teenagers, to finding shelter and needed resources for the indigent, to being a sturdy presence for those who come in contact with her ministry. This work takes all of her time.

PowerChurch Software is proud to play a valuable role in her work by freeing her up to help the people who need her the most. "I learned about PowerChurch Plus from a daycare where I was working as a minister. I called PowerChurch's help desk to find out more, because I knew I would be starting my own ministry. When I told them that I had some information that needed organizing, and was interested in buying their software, they were able to import my data and send it back to me ready to go. That really impressed me... and was a huge help!"

The Rose of Sharon is currently in the midst of a building fund campaign that Lacy hopes will help allow them to build a daycare center, where children can be ministered to directly, and larger spaces where families can receive support and encouragement.

"My major goal, my passion is to help people understand their temperament and how they might use their gifts to serve others and know God. My vision is big! I want to open this daycare, establish a community library, maybe set up transitional housing for the homeless one day, on top of all the other things we do.

"I know that there is a business side to what I do and I do it, but what I want to focus on is the spiritual side of the lives around me. You can't box with God," she laughs. "I got my assignment from him. He's the CEO."

The time Lacy saves using PowerChurch Plus makes finding the freedom to see her vision through possible.