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At PowerChurch, we know that your work extends beyond what happens at your desk. For each of you who enters data, collects membership information, tracks and manages contributions or plans events, there is a personal story to tell. After speaking with many of you, we were inspired to share some of your stories with others. The work YOU do encourages us to continue our goal of making church management easy.
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Roger Koons - Creating youth camps and retreats in Colorado

Name: Roger Koons

Title: Operations Pastor, Church at the Ranch

Passion: Developing youth for service

Why PowerChurch: The price for all you get is phenomenal.

Like many churches focused on missions, the Church at the Ranch is always seeking ways to make resources go further so that they can impact the communities they serve. "We are all looking for ways to invest more of our finances into our ministries and PowerChurch Plus provides a way to do this."

One of the many ministries Operations Pastor Roger Koons is referring to is outreach to local junior high and high school students. The Church at the Ranch has become a popular destination for students and teens in the area due to the open and friendly environment. "We're growing extremely fast due to the desire of the kids in this area to belong somewhere. Their parents may or may not attend with them, but this group has grown significantly because there are activities for them, but more importantly, we've created a place for them."

One of the newest programs created for these students are the summer and winter camps where they can flex their leadership muscles and learn about mission work and care for others. "At these retreats, they participate in building projects and serving food to the less fortunate. This year, a number of kids decided on their own to go into downtown Denver on Saturday nights to minister to street people. They simply go and share Christ and provide them with food and companionship, kind of being Christ to them, like our Lord ministered to people directly on the street."

The Ranch Student Ministries Winter Retreat is focused on leadership and evangelism and the summer retreat includes a rafting and rock climbing trip where students camp out. They invite their friends and develop team-building skills while enjoying the outdoors.

During the fall and summer, these students also participate in local ministry activities, spending time on a farm just outside of town that assists kids who have had tough life experiences. "In the fall, they serve at the Open Door, a ministry that serves food to the homeless in downtown Denver."

Like so many PowerChurch Software customers, Roger is searching for more time and funds and our software and services allow him to spend his resources wisely. "The contribution system is one of the best for the money around. The user can post contributions and provide reports to givers any time they want and they can generate these via email which saves time, paper, postage and money. I cannot say enough about how this software package has helped me save time and money!"

A next step for The Church at the Ranch is to continue service outside U.S. borders. "In the past, we've sent teams to Uruguay and youth teams to Costa Rica and Mexico to teach Vacation Bible School and work on buildings there. We're not sure what's next, but we'll be ready."