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How Do I Update My South Carolina Tax Tables?

Where do I find the tax tables?

For SC tax tables, you will need the current instructions WH-1603F Formula for Computing SC Withholding Tax from the SC Department of Revenue website.

Which tables do I use?

Use the "addition method" shown under the "Formula for Computing South Carolina Withholding Tax" section in the WH-1603F instructions. Figure 1 shows an example.

Note that the figures shown in this document are for demonstration purposes only, and may not be current. Please consult the current publication for the most up-to-date information. Though the figures change periodically, the method of calculation should remain the same. If the calculation method has changed for this state please notify the webmaster.

Figure 1 - 2022 Addition Method Percentage Table

How to setup/update the tables in PowerChurch Plus

To setup/update PowerChurch Plus with the state tax tables shown in Figure 1 above, select the Accounting menu, Payroll, Setup, then Maintain Tax Tables.

Click Add to enter a new table, or use the Find/Locate buttons to select an existing SC tax table to update. When adding a new table, you will be prompted for the type of tax table you're adding. Select State: South Carolina. For each table, enter the following information:

  • Description: Enter a unique name to identify the tax table (for example, "SC State Tax").
  • Tax type: The type of tax in which this table applies. In this instance, select State Tax.
  • Standard deduction: The standard deduction is a percentage of gross income up to a maximum amount.

Figure 2 - 2022 Personal Exemption and Standard Deduction
  • Maximum standard deduction: Enter the maximum standard deduction amount.
  • Personal exemption: Enter the personal exemption amount.
  • Round tax to nearest whole dollar: If required, check this box to round the calculated tax amount to the nearest whole dollar.
  • Annual Rate Table: Click the Annual Rate Table tab and enter the maximum amount and percentage for each bracket. From Figure 1 above, enter the figures under the "Not more than" column, followed by the tax rate percentage.

When you are done, the screen should look like this:

Figure 3a - SC State Tax Table (Deduction and Exemption Information)

Figure 3b - SC State Tax Table (Annual Rate Table)

This article applies to the following PowerChurch versions:
PCPlus V 11/11.1, PCPlus V 11.5/11.55, PCPlus V12/12.2, PowerChurch Online

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Created: 12/03/2009
Last updated: 01/03/2022