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Moving PowerChurch Plus from one computer to another

There are two basic methods of moving the PowerChurch Plus program from one computer to another.

1. You can simply copy the program directory from the old computer to the new computer, then run a setup program on the new computer to get the program reinstalled.

If you have a flash drive, external hard drive, or a CD burner, you can copy the PowerChurch program folder and its contents from the old computer to the new computer. PowerChurch Plus Versions 9 and higher install into a PowerChurch parent folder, C:\PowerChurch\PCPLUS9\. Versions 8.5 and prior installed into their own folders directly on the C drive (C:\PCPLUS85\).

Inside the Install folder is a program called Netsetup.exe. Versions 9 and higher have the version number coded into the file name (Netsetup9.exe). In Versions 10 and prior, the Netsetup program is located directly in the program directory. Run this program on the new computer to reinstall all the necessary files and put shortcuts on the Desktop and under the Start Menu.

2. Install PowerChurch Plus on the new computer and restore a backup of your existing information.

You can make a backup in PowerChurch Plus on the old computer by going to Utilities > Backup & Restore > Backup Files. Follow the onscreen prompts to create an All Data Files & Pictures backup. This will create a file called PCBACKUP...ZIP with the date and time coded into the file name.

On the new computer, install PowerChurch Plus from the CD or download link that was sent to you when you purchased the program. After installing, when you start the program up for the first time, it will ask if you are upgrading from a prior version. Choose No.

On the next screen, if you have Version 12 or higher of PowerChurch Plus, click the Restore a Backup button and restore the backup. In older versions, enter your registration information (Registration Number, Church Name, address, and phone) and click OK. When the setup process is complete, run the new installation of PowerChurch Plus and go to Utilities > Backup & Restore > Restore Files. Follow the onscreen prompts to restore all files from the backup which was created on the other computer.

It is a good idea to visit to download and install the latest Maintenance Release for your version of PowerChurch Plus after installing.

A note about networked installations of PowerChurch Plus

It is important to note that this article only applies to moving the program from one server/host computer to another. If this is a local network install and you have just moved the software to a new server/host computer, follow the steps in the article linked below to get the network install up and running properly.

Networking Instructions for PowerChurch Plus

Created: 10/30/2013
Last updated: 08/08/2023