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PowerChurch Software Newsletter - Year End 2015 Pt. 1

This issue is part one of two of the Year-End 2015 newsletter. We've got so much going on and so much to tell you about, we couldn't fit it all into one! In this issue, we're going to talk about some major updates for PowerChurch Plus and PowerChurch Online that have recently been published. Following that theme, we have published quite a few new features and updates to the program via Maintenance Release over the last year as well.

December 8, 2015 Maintenance Release for PowerChurch Plus Version 11.55 and PowerChurch Online

In this Maintenance Release, we have given PowerChurch Plus a major facelift, with new color schemes, better Windows themes support, and icons throughout. Also, the program is now DPI aware. What that means is when you tell Windows to use large fonts, PowerChurch will scale everything up on the screen. This has been a big issue for both desktop PowerChurch Plus and PowerChurch Online users for the last few years, since monitor display resolutions have been getting bigger and bigger, making everything on the screen very small and difficult to read.

Speaking of PowerChurch Online, there have also been updates to the IDS Client software for both Windows and Mac users. The Mac update was published back in October, as a fix for OSX El Capitan compatibility. The Windows client update now supports Windows Themes as well as added DPI scaling functionality mentioned earlier. PowerChurch Plus and PowerChurch Online users now have a more modern looking and easier application to work with.

Comparisons between the look of Version 11.1 and 11.55 as well as PowerChurch Online before and after the IDS Client software update are shown below.

Integrated Data Entry & Quick Tasks - PowerChurch Plus Version 11.1

Integrated Data Entry & Quick Tasks - PowerChurch Plus Version 11.55

Events Calendar - PowerChurch Plus Version 11.1

Events Calendar - PowerChurch Plus Version 11.55

PowerChurch Today - PowerChurch Plus Version 11.1

PowerChurch Today - PowerChurch Plus Version 11.55

PowerChurch Online before the IDS Client update (No Windows themes)

PowerChurch Online after the IDS Client update (With Windows themes)

Even the desktop icon has been updated!

Ongoing Development in PowerChurch Plus Version 11.55

Along with the visual updates detailed above, we have continually added new features and updated functionality in PowerChurch Plus since the release of Version 11.55. Generally speaking, Maintenance Releases are meant to distribute bug fixes and ongoing support updates, but we have been rolling out these new and updated features via Maintenance Release for existing Version 11.55 users. We wanted to make sure you got these benefits right away, rather than having to wait for the next full version to be released.

Below is a small sample of things that have been added or changed in the program in just the last year!


  • New "Send e-mail as a test" feature can be used for troubleshooting sending problems
  • Background Checks - Added street address and e-mail address to the pre-populated fields when requesting a background check
  • Education Library - Reference Number field length increased to support ISBN


  • Maintain Family Mailing List now has a Family Members tab like the Integrated Data Entry screen does
  • Added family e-mail to fields that can be imported from file
  • Import Data screen now shows required file structure on the first step
  • Constant Contact Sync redesigned for increased account security


  • Option to print Pledge Statement on church letterhead
  • Active Pledges report now has optional contribution detail
  • Delete Old Data now allows selection by Contribution Type
  • Vanco Payment Solutions direct integration and redesigned accounting import


  • Added Reconcile Credit Cards functionality
  • Redesigned Open (Unposted) Items Report in Accounts Payable
  • Option to print Accounts Receivable Statements on church letterhead
  • New Payment Statement report
  • Added "Unposted" flag to Check History tab on the Maintain List of Employees screen

There were over 300 individual line items published in Maintenance Releases for PowerChurch Plus just in the last year. If you haven't kept up to date or if you have not yet upgraded to Version 11.55, you are seriously missing out on some great stuff!

For more information about Maintenance Releases, visit

To purchase the Version 11.5/11.55 upgrade, visit or give us a call at (800) 486-1800.

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Forum Q&A

The Support Forum on our web site is a very active online community of our users and Tech Support staff members. There you can browse through thousands of questions and answers, or post your own.

From PowerChurch Online:
Q. I'm trying to export an event calendar (not using Google Calendar). There is an option "Create for use on a website" which goes to M:\CalendarHTML.htm. But I am unable to find the file after going thru this process.
A. Since you're using PowerChurch Online, drive M:\ is your local C:\ drive. Here's a PowerChurch Knowledgebase article that should help you:

From Membership:
Q. How can I add another cell phone number to the Family Mailing List? You can only have three phones. I need three to six phones as each spouse has a cell phone and if they have teenagers, they each have their own phone, plus the family land line.
A. In Personal Profiles, there are five possible phone numbers that can be entered for each person. This is in addition to the three numbers entered on the family record.

From Accounting:
Q. I see the reasoning why not to close months, but right now I am at the max 18 months open. The program will not let me post into the next month. How do I fix this problem?
A. There is a max of 18 months that can be open. You will have to close a month to be able to move forward.


Created: 12/17/2015
Last updated: 07/25/2021