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MICR Check Reader Programming

If your MagTek MiniMICR check reader is returning "Invalid Scan" or if you have a check reader not purchased directly from PowerChurch Software, you may need to set the formatting internally. MagTek has a Windows program on their web site called MICR Base that we use internally to program check readers that we sell to make sure they are compatible with PowerChurch Plus and PowerChurch Online.

You can download the MICR Base software from the MagTek web site linked below:

If this link does not work in the future, you can navigate to the Software Downloads area of their website by going to Support, then fill out the form with Category: Check Scanners and Product: MiniMICR. Click Go. On the Support page that opens up, click on the Software tab and MICRbase Setup Program will be in the software list.

Run that program and it will extract a directory full of files. From inside that directory, run the MICRBase.exe file.

On the program window that opens, choose Configure from the menu at the top. On the window that opens, set the following:

  • MICR Type: USB KB Wedge
  • Format: 3100

Click the Com Setup button and set the following:

  • Baud Rate: 9600

Click OK to return to the Configure screen.

If you have not already done so, connect the check reader to the computer and give it a moment to initialize.

Click DOWNload To MICR. This will send the configuration settings into the internal memory of the check reader.

Once that is complete, you can try scanning a check into Notepad or some other text editor. The format should be:

account number/routing number/check number

That should include a line break (carriage return/line feed) at the end.

Created: 01/09/2017
Last updated: 10/06/2021