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PowerChurch Software Newsletter - Year-End 2018 Part 2

This is part two of the 2018 Year-End Newsletter. In this issue, we highlight another great feature in Version 12 of PowerChurch Plus, one more state-specific tax table change for the new year, list the most commonly viewed articles and videos in the Knowledge Base, and reveal some more useful year-end resources.


Version 12 Highlight - Navigation List

Many data entry screens in PowerChurch Plus Version 12 have a new Navigation List. This replaces some of the Find and Locate functionality in the software.

With the Navigation List, you have access to the list of items, much like a Locate list gives, but instead of opening in a separate window, it is always in view. There is also a full text search, which can make partial text matches anywhere in the displayed data. For example, you could use this to match partial text in first and last names, which the Find button functionality wasn't able to do. You can also Filter using code fields in many of the Navigation Lists. This is useful to limit the list of Personal Profiles down to only those with Personal Status Code of Visitor assigned, for example.

The video below demonstrates this functionality.


Missouri State Tax Calculation Update

The 2019 tax calculation method for Missouri state taxes has been updated in a new Maintenance Release for Versions 11.55 and 12. The "Federal Withholding Limit" has been removed from the calculation formula for 2019. There are now pre-2019 and post-2019 tax tables for Missouri state. The program will warn if you are still using a pre-2019 tax table.

The updated documentation for Missouri state tax tables can be found here


10 Most Viewed Articles and Videos

The PowerChurch Software website contains a Knowledge Base of hundreds of articles and videos. The Knowledge Base can be found in the Support area of the website at Below are a list of some of the most frequently viewed items in the Knowledge Base:

  1. Moving PowerChurch Plus from one computer to another
  2. Create New Accounts (Video)
  3. Move or Combine Accounts (Video)
  4. Entering Transactions (Video)
  5. Backup and Restore Data (Video)
  6. Automated Messaging Service Options (Video)
  7. Budget Setup (Video)
  8. How Do I Update My Federal Tax Tables?
  9. Mapping a Network Drive
  10. Contribution Designations (Video)


Year-End Archive

A list of all the prior newsletter issues can be found at

In prior years, we have published articles and reminders specific to year-end processes and support in these year-end editions of the newsletter. There is now a dedicated page on our website at where you can find links to those articles and information about year-end support traffic and tax filing info.

Created: 12/27/2018
Last updated: 07/25/2021