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Can I use my existing check reader with PowerChurch Plus?

In PowerChurch Plus 8.5 and higher, you have the ability to enter contributions through a check reader. We have tested the new check-reading feature with MagTek Mini MICR Wedge (model#22520001) and MagTek Mini MICR USB (model#22523003) check readers. The USB model check reader is available for purchase through PowerChurch Software. For more information on pricing contact our office or visit our website at However, most standard check readers should be compatible with PowerChurch Plus if they are using the correct format.

The required format is:

Format 3100: [Transit] "/" [acct #] "/" [check #]

Here's an example of the layout for you to view. Example: 0000125689/0288069/5235

[transit] : 0000125689/
[acct #] : 0288069/
[check #] : 5235

You can test the layout your check reader uses by opening Notepad and scanning a check. A string of characters similar to the following should appear. This string must match the format defined above. Please note the numbers will not match the following numbers.


If you're not sure if your check reader is compatible or if it isn't set up correctly with PowerChurch Plus, please refer to your product documentation or contact the manufacturer. If you need further assistance, please contact us at (800) 486-1800 or email us at

This article applies to the following PowerChurch versions:
PCPlus V 8.5, PCPlus V 9, PCPlus V 10/10.4, PCPlus V 11/11.1, PCPlus V 11.5/11.55, PowerChurch Online

Created: 04/12/2004
Last updated: 04/08/2015