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Version 9 data files

ATDATA Attendance
MA Family Mailing List
MACODES Family Mailing List codes
MAINFO Family Mailing List preferences
ME Personal Profiles
MECODES Personal Profile codes
MEINFO Personal Profile preferences
MI Ministry Services
SK Activities & Skills
SKCODES Activities & Skills codes
SKREF Activities & Skills descriptions
SKSERV Offices Served
VI Visitations
APAUTO Accounts Payable repeating items
APAUTOD Accounts Payable repeating items detail
APCHECK Accounts Payable open computer generated checks
APINFO Accounts Payable preferences
APOPEN Accounts Payable open items
APOPEND Accounts Payable open items detail
APPAID Accounts Payable posted items
APPAIDD Accounts Payable posted items detail
APVEND Accounts Payable vendors
ARCUST Accounts Receivable customers
ARINFO Accounts Receivable preferences
ARITEMS Accounts Receivable defined items
AROPEN Accounts Receivable open items
ARPAID Accounts Receivable posted items
FAACCTS Fund Accounting - Fund specific accounts (9 digits)
FABUDGET Budget information
FAINFO Fund Accounting preferences
FAMAJOR Major accounts (7 digits)
FAMSTR Posted transactions
FAMSTRD Posted transactions detail
FAPREVYR Previous year balances
FAPRIOR Prior year balances
FAREPEAT Repeating transactions
FAREPEATD Repeating transactions detail
FARSCTD Donor restrictions
FATRANS Unposted transactions
FATRANSD Unposted transactions detail
PRDESC Payroll item descriptions
PREMPL Payroll employees
PRINFO Payroll preferences
PRITEMS Payroll employee pay items
PRPAID Payroll paid information
PRTABLES Payroll tax tables
CO Posted Contributions
COFUND Contribution fund descriptions
COINFO Contribution preferences
COPLED Pledges
COSCAN Scanned check data
COTRANS Unposted Contributions
Record Keeping
ED Education Library
EQ Equipment Inventory
MU Music Library
SE Sermon Filer

This article applies to the following PowerChurch versions:
PCPlus V 9

version data files

Created: 05/23/2008
Last updated: 04/21/2015