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PowerChurch Online - Backing up and saving files

Although the procedure for making backups and saving export files is very similar in PowerChurch Online as it is in a local copy of PowerChurch Plus, there have been significant changes behind the scenes.

In the Backup Files process, when you are prompted for the location to store the backup, you are only given the option of "Folder". To choose which drive will be used you can either type the path in the box below, or click the ellipsis (...) button to open the Select Folder dialog. When you click the button you will be notified that you cannot backup to the "Desktop" or the "My Documents" folder. This is due to security restrictions on the server, which don't allow you access to the actual Desktop or My Documents folder on the server. Click OK to each of these messages and then you will see the following:

The list of drives with labels such as "Client C (M:)" or "Client D (N:)" are the local hard drives and removeable devices on your local computer and the letters in parentheses are the drive letters they have been assigned by our server. You will also see a drive listed as "PowerChurch Online NAS (pc-storage-1) (Z:)".

This is a special drive that we have created for you on the server itself. You can use it to store temporary backups, but it is not recommended to be used for permanent storage, as this drive is periodically pruned of older backups.

PowerChurch Online will store the last file location you used and will have it automatically selected the next time you open a Save As dialog or the Backup & Restore process in PowerChurch Online. This will streamline the process after it has been done once if you use the same location to save files to backup to on a regular basis.

To backup to a CD or DVD drive you must first backup to your hard drive or a flash drive then use a third party software, such as Roxio or Nero to burn it to the disc. Trying to back up directly to a CD or DVD drive from PowerChurch Online will most certainly cause "Buffer Underrun" errors in the burn process.

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Created: 08/22/2008
Last updated: 05/27/2020