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Custom Report Example - Name and Photograph Report

This example produces a list of committee members and their photograph. You will use the Activities and Skills module to create this report. The reason for this example is to show you how to include the photographs from Personal Profiles on a report. This information could also apply if you are including family pictures on a report. Review the previous examples to see the basic steps for creating a query and working with the Report Designer window.

To create the report with pictures:

  1. Add a new query to the Activities and Skills module. Enter a title that best fits the activity group you'll be selecting. A suggested title might be "Names and Photographs of Finance Committee." After entering your title, click OK.
  2. Create the filter for the query. Using the Filter Building window, create the filter condition by selecting Skill Number, then click Next Step. (Versions 11 and 11.5 call this field Activity Number) Now choose Equal to number, and click on Next Step. In step 3, fill in the activity number for, in our example, the Finance Committee. You can substitute an activity/skill number of your choosing. Click Done and Done again. At this point, you will be prompted: "Do you want to run this query now?" Click Yes.
  3. Specify the output fields. After a short instructional screen, you will be prompted to select fields to show in the query output. Select the following fields (by double-clicking on them): "Last Name, First Name" and "Profile Picture." Click Done.

    Note: If you were designing a report to include pictures from Family Mailing List, you would choose "Family Picture", instead of "Profile Picture."

  4. Specify the sort order. On the Query Overview window, select Edit Sort Order. Once again, by double-clicking on it, select "Last Name, First Name" to sort by, then click Done.
  5. Specify the output type. From the Query Overview window, select Pick Output Type. Now select Report in Form Layout, then click Done.

    Note: We are choosing Form Layout because the default output type is a single line, columnar report. With this type of layout, depending on the field widths and the number of fields you select, they may not all appear on the report layout.

  6. Run the query and print the report.

    Now, deselect the checkbox that reads Browse Query Results, and click on Run Query. To print your report, click the Start Report button from the Setup For Form Layout Report window. Remember, some additional adjustments may be required depending on your printer and report layout. Please refer to the Custom Reports section of your PowerChurch Plus manual for additional information.

    Note: In our example above, if you additionally selected the address to be included, the profile picture may not automatically appear in your layout. In this case, you will need to use the Report Designer window to rearrange the placement of the fields and add the profile picture to the layout.

This article applies to the following PowerChurch versions:
PCPlus V 7, PCPlus V 8, PCPlus V 8.5, PCPlus V 9, PCPlus V 10/10.4, PCPlus V 11/11.1, PCPlus V 11.5/11.55, PowerChurch Online

Created: 12/03/2009
Last updated: 04/06/2012