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What's New in Version 14

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Key Features

PowerChurch Plus Version 14 features a modernized appearance as well as many new and improved features including:

General features

  • Updated interface with a more modern appearance
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  • Change user account without restarting the software
  • Option to not show splash screen on startup
  • User override display size (make most things larger on the screen)
  • Print Options screen now allows access to printer specific settings when printing mailing labels and custom reports (Unfortunately, not in PowerChurch Online)
  • Don't require restarting the software after restoring a backup
  • Save Report As - File Export Type and Directory values are saved and reloaded next time (Directory is not reloaded in PowerChurch Online)

Membership features

Family Mailing List & Personal Profiles Activities & Attendance

Contributions features

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  • Send text messages via SimpleTexting.com
  • Option to include Memo field in data entry tab order
  • Maintain List of Contribution Funds - Added Reassign Fund Number button
  • Funds Report, Funds Report by Date, and Fund Summary reports now share the same Report Options screen
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  • Funds Report has a new option to include account numbers assigned to funds

Accounting features

Fund Accounting Accounts Payable
  • Maintain Vendor Records screen updated with Reassign Vendor ID button, Print Mailing Label, Repeating Items tab. History tab now has Add Invoice, Manual Check, Quick Check, and Reprint Check Stub buttons
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  • Set default Pay Now/Post Now values
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  • Transactions now track Entered By and Modified By user and date
  • Option to print mailing labels when printing checks and 1099 forms
  • Check printing remembers last check number
  • Vendor Lookups are now sorted by name instead of Vendor ID
  • Integration with Clockify.me, a free time tracking service
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  • Email paystubs now optionally includes those with printed checks
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  • Process Payroll - Verify Payroll step now shows Check Date and Pay Period
  • Process Payroll now saves your progress, in case you need to step away or are otherwise interrupted before finishing
  • W2s - added Print Mailing Labels button

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