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What's New in Version 12/12.2

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Key Features

  • Attendance Counts
  • Merge Accounting Funds
  • Reopen a Closed Month
  • Unlimited Open Months
  • Import Data From CSV
PowerChurch Plus Version 12 was one of the biggest updates we have ever released. The list of new and improved features came mostly from user suggestions. The more people asked for a feature, the higher priority it was! Version 12.2 was a free update for 12 users with even more new features and improvements.

Membership features

Family Mailing List & Personal Profiles
  • Default privacy options for e-mail addresses
  • Print all available phone numbers on reports
  • Edit Personal Statuses of family members from one location
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  • Send Family Update Forms via e-mail
  • Average Age Report
  • Large Print Church Directory layout
  • Profile Age Range Report
  • Other Membership report updates
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    • Integrated Data Entry screen now has a Print Report button on the Visitations tab
    • Personal Profiles reports' Selection Criteria screen has added an Age range selection
    • Selected Dates report now uses the standard Selection Criteria screen, providing many new selection options
Activities & Attendance
  • Merge two activities together
  • Import Activities from CSV
  • Record Attendance Present Count
  • Choose a different date/activity from Fast Data Entry
  • Fast Data Entry screen shows total present count as you enter
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  • Send e-mail message to a group in Attendance
  • Average Age Report in Activities
  • Attendance Statistics by Personal Status report

Contributions features

  • Define range of inactive envelope numbers
  • Import signature image for Canadian Tax Receipts
  • E-mailed Contribution Statement/Tax Receipt PDF is write protected
  • E-mail Pledge Statements
  • Send e-mail message to a group in Contributions
  • Maintain Donors is a new screen combining information and functionality from various areas of Contributions
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  • New Reverse & Correct process aids in accurately creating reversals and corrections
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  • Check Reader screen now allows an account to be flagged as a "Bank Issued/Bill Pay" account and not tied to a donor
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  • Print Mailing Labels has a new selection for those who haven't pledged
The following reports were added or changed in Version 12/12.2:
  • Contributor Age Range report
  • Monthly Contributions by Payment Method
  • Those Who Gave Last Year, But Not This Year report
  • Those Who Pledged Last Year, But Not This Year report
  • Totals by Fund Type
  • Totals by Payment Method

Accounting features

Fund Accounting Accounts Payable
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  • Quick Check - Add vendor and invoice on the fly while printing a check
  • Redesigned Void a Check process
  • Change an invoice to manual check and vice versa
  • Print 1096 form
  • Import Vendors from CSV
Accounts Receivable completely redesigned
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  • E-mail invoices, Account Statements, Payment Statements
  • Reverse payments and void invoices
  • Import Customers from CSV
  • E-mail paystubs (password protected PDF)
  • Auto-format Social Security Numbers
  • Send e-mail message to a group
  • Clergy Salary tax option on income items
  • Print W2/W3 on plain paper
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  • Import Employees from CSV

Other features

  • ISBN Lookups in Education & Music Library
  • Import from CSV utility added in many different areas
  • Import photos of Equipment Inventory items
  • Consolidated Reports menus in Membership, Accounting, and Record Keeping
  • Optionally encrypt backup zip files
  • Installation allows upgrade or restore directly from a backup
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  • New Navigation List feature added to many Maintain screens
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  • Crystal Reports version upgraded to allow MS Word-safe export of RTF and editable RTF file types

Click here to view the PowerChurch Plus version release history, or here for changes made in previous versions.