PowerChurch Plus - Changes By Version

Changes made in Version 12.2

(released October 2019) - View the complete list


Family Mailing List & Personal Profiles
  • Family Update Form report has improved data selections. "Empty" families are removed from the report output.
  • Other Membership report updates
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    • Integrated Data Entry screen now has a Print Report button on the Visitations tab
    • Personal Profiles reports' Selection Criteria screen has added an Age range selection
    • Selected Dates report now uses the standard Selection Criteria screen, providing many new selection options
  • Print Mailing Labels/Create Mail Merge Export now allows Personal Status Code selection

  • Maintain Donors is a new screen combining information and functionality from various areas of Contributions
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  • New Reverse & Correct process aids in accurately creating reversals and corrections
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  • Check Reader screen now allows an account to be flagged as a "Bank Issued/Bill Pay" account and not tied to a donor
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  • Print Mailing Labels has a new selection for those who haven't pledged
The following reports were added or changed in Version 12.2:
  • Contribution Statements have a redesigned "Select by amounts given" interface and reports are centered on the page
  • Selected Contributors report has a new option to exclude the amounts given
  • New report: Monthly Contributions by Payment Method
  • New report: Totals by Fund Type
  • New report: Totals by Payment Method


Fund Accounting
  • Option to include unposted transactions on the following reports:
    • Fund Accounting Graphs
    • Accounting Fund Balances
    • Balance Sheet by Fund
    • Changes in Equity
    • Income & Expense by Fund
    • Income & Expense by Month
    • Statement of Activities
    • Sub-account Report
    • Trial Balance
  • New Report: Balance Sheet by Month
Accounts Payable
  • Maintain Vendor Records screen now includes unposted transactions on the History tab
Accounts Receivable
  • Print Statement button added to the Maintain Customers screen
  • Maintain List of Employees screen has brought back the Filter Pay Group option

  • Export to iCalendar (ICS) file for use with other calendar solutions

Changes made in Version 12

(released November 2017) - View the complete list

Membership features

Family Mailing List & Personal Profiles
  • Default privacy options for e-mail addresses
  • Print all available phone numbers on reports
  • Edit Personal Statuses of family members from one location
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  • Send Family Update Forms via e-mail
  • Average Age Report
  • Large Print Church Directory layout
  • Profile Age Range Report
  • Personal Profiles Setup shows count of people with each date field assigned
Activities & Attendance
  • Merge two activities together
  • Import Activities from CSV
  • Record Attendance Present Count
  • Delete Old Attendance Data can save as present counts
  • Choose a different date/activity from Fast Data Entry
  • Fast Data Entry screen shows total present count as you enter
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  • Send e-mail message to a group in Attendance
  • Average Age Report in Activities
  • Class Family Directory report now can be consolidated into a single report
  • Attendance Statistics by Personal Status report
Ministry Services & Visitations
  • Service Type is now a custom code field
  • Defined Custom Codes report in Ministry Services
  • Defined Custom Codes report in Visitations
General Membership
  • Consolidated Reports menu in Membership
  • Option to include unlisted contact information on reports

Contributions features

  • Define range of inactive envelope numbers
  • Send e-mail message to a group
  • Envelope Numbers List report optionally shows combined names, rather than individuals
  • Import Contribution Funds from CSV
  • Pledge is now a user-definable term
  • Import Pledges from CSV
  • Print labels with only name and envelope
  • User permission to view only Contribution Summary Graphs in Membership
  • View Posted Contributions shows combined envelope names
The following reports were added or changed in Version 12:
  • Contributor Age Range report
  • Those Who Gave Last Year, But Not This Year report
  • Those Who Pledged Last Year, But Not This Year report
  • Fund Descriptions report now shows active/inactive flag
  • Bank Deposit Slip report now prompts for deposit date
  • Import signature image for Canadian Tax Receipts
  • E-mailed Contribution Statement/Tax Receipt PDF is write protected
  • E-mail Pledge Statements
  • Defined Custom Codes report

Accounting features

Fund Accounting
  • Make Accounting Fund inactive
  • Merge Accounting Funds
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  • Reopen a closed month
  • Unlimited number of open months
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  • Budget comparison reports switches +/- figures for income vs. expense accounts
  • Maintain Donor Restrictions shows related accounts
  • Reconcile Bank Accounts - Shows account number and name on the screen
  • Reconcile Bank Accounts - Horizontal resize bar between Deposits and Checks lists
  • Print Monthly Balance report from Maintain Chart of Accounts activity tab
  • View Posted Transactions - Print Transaction Detail report
Accounts Payable
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  • Quick Check - Add vendor and invoice on the fly while printing a check
  • Redesigned Void a Check process
  • Change an invoice to manual check and vice versa
  • Print 1096 form
  • Import Vendors from CSV
  • Void and Reissue a check from Vendors History tab
  • Print Payment Details report from Vendor History tab
  • Change a vendor or amount and the transaction details grid updates
  • Vendors now have Corporate Name, Sole Proprietor, and Country fields
Accounts Receivable completely redesigned
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  • E-mail Invoices
  • E-mail Account Statements
  • E-mail Payment Statements
  • Add customer and invoice on the fly when adding a payment
  • Reverse Payments
  • Void Invoices
  • Import Customers from CSV
  • Bank Deposit Slip report
  • Make a customer inactive
  • Merge customers
  • E-mail message to a group
  • E-mail paystubs (password protected PDF)
  • Auto-format Social Security Numbers
  • Send e-mail message to a group
  • Clergy Salary tax option on income items
  • Print approved W2s/W3 on plain paper
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  • Import Employees from CSV
  • 941 Calculation report
  • Save edited W3 information
General Accounting
  • Consolidated Reports menu in Accounting
  • Laser top check layout now formatted for compatibility with QuickBooks check stock

Record Keeping

Equipment Inventory
  • Add photos of equipment items
  • Import Equipment Inventory from CSV
Education Library
  • ISBN Lookup
  • Web/URL field
  • Auto-complete fields
  • Import Education Library items from CSV
Music Library
  • ISBN Lookup
  • Type and Group custom code fields
  • Web/URL field
  • Auto-complete fields
  • Import Music Library items from CSV
Sermon Filer
  • Web/URL field
  • Import Sermons from CSV
General Record Keeping
  • Consolidated Reports menu in Record Keeping

Events features
  • Import Predefined Tasks from CSV
  • Import Rooms from CSV

Other features
  • Auto-format phone numbers (with format options)
  • Optionally encrypt backup zip files
  • Installation allows upgrade or restore directly from a backup
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  • New Navigation List feature added to many Maintain screens
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  • Crystal Reports version upgraded to allow MS Word-safe export of RTF and editable RTF file types
  • Remembers the zoom level in Report Viewer
  • Print a report of User Profiles & Permissions
  • Configure Send E-mail button to send e-mail from PowerChurch or local mail client
  • Defined Custom Codes reports in all modules now show count of times each code is used
  • Fiscal Year option in report date selection lists
  • Individual quarters in report date selection lists
  • PowerChurch Today - Increase selections to 45 days

Changes made in Version 11.55

(released October 2013) - View the complete list

Membership features.
  • Maintain Personal Profiles added Automated Messaging Service preferences
  • Birthdays & Anniversaries report now has Marital Status selection for anniversaries (to exclude widow/widower)
  • Birthdays & Anniversaries report now has option to include e-mail address
  • Most Personal Profile reports and selections now have Envelope Number and Directory Sequence selections
  • Church Directory report now has selections for Tagged Families and Mailing Category
  • Church Directory - Booklet layout renamed to Half Page layout
  • New Allergy & Medical Information report in Personal Profiles
  • Selected Names, Addresses, & Phones report now has Select All/Clear All buttons
  • Maintain Activity & Skill Descriptions - Members tab now shows Promotion Year
  • New Class Family Directory report
  • New Allergy & Medical Information report in Activities & Skills
  • Attendance Register Form - Full Details Layout - Include parent phone number

Contribution features.
  • Option to not apply contribution to a pledge from Enter Contributions/Modify Unposted Contributions
  • New Yearly Totals By Envelope report
  • New Yearly Comparison report
  • Default "no goods or services" message added to Contribution Statements
  • Condensed Statements For Office report renamed to Contribution Summary report

Accounting features.
  • Select accounts by report level when copying accounts from another fund
  • Add New Account assistant skips the Accounting Funds prompt if only one fund
  • Option to change default journal code for Fund Accounting module
  • View Posted Transactions - New filter options for Module and Entered By
  • View Posted Transactions now displays originating module
  • Print memo line on check from vendor and invoices
  • New Vendor List report
  • E-file the 941 form
  • Maintain List of Employees - Check History tab now shows Pay Period
  • Maintain List of Employees - Pay Items tab now shows Tax Table
  • Create Accounting Audit Log event when tax tables are modified
  • Item Summary report now optionally includes unposted transactions
  • Unposted Payroll report now has date selection

Other features.
  • New option in e-mail setup to "Send a copy to this address"
  • Current Quarter and Prior Quarter added to date selection dropdowns
  • Last Sunday added to date selection dropdowns
  • Jump to a specific page in the Report Viewer
  • Many individual forms and reports optimized for better handling large data sets
  • Reporting system overall optimized for better handling large data sets and aggressive/slow antivirus scanning
  • Passwords menu option changed to Passwords & Permissions
  • Create Automated Messaging Service File replaced Phonetree functionality
  • CSV export from Mailing Label Options screen for use with third party services

Changes made in Version 11.5

(released November 2011) - View the complete list

  • Family Attendance and Contributions summary graph on Family Mailing List and Integrated Data Entry
  • Merge Duplicate Profiles utility combines Activities, Attendance, and Contribution information for two Personal Profiles
  • Copy family picture to profile and crop to the individual
  • Attendance and Contribution graphs added to the Personal Profiles screen
  • Move Profile utility now has option to create a new family or move to existing family
  • Maintain Activity/Skill Descriptions screen now displays members of the activity, attendance history, and offices served
  • Contact History log allows you to view contact history (e-mail, mailing labels, mail merge, phonetree, contribution statements, etc.) on each family and individual
  • Redesigned Add Family Assistant adds family and individuals in a much more efficient manner. Also used in Attendance and Contributions.
  • Membership Audit Log tracks when information is deleted, moved, or merged
  • Olan Mills processes updated to the latest standards and allow importing pictures from disc
  • Daily Column Layout added to the Attendance Register Form
  • Maintain List of Contribution Funds screen shows monthly totals graph/details
  • Select posting month automatically from transaction date in Contributions, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and Payroll
  • New Budget Entry screen allows you to work with multiple accounts at a time
  • The Maintain List of Accounting Funds screen now shows the accounts used in each fund. Also allows you to copy accounts from another fund at any time.
  • Reprint a pay stub at any time from Maintain List of Employees in Payroll
  • New Salary History report added in Payroll
  • Save and recall e-mail templates
  • Toggle between visual e-mail editor and HTML code
  • Automated backups possible now using Windows Scheduled Tasks
  • All built-in reports now properly print special and accented characters
  • Picture quality is significantly improved in printed reports like Church Directory
The following changes were made to Canadian Tax Receipts:
  • Receipt number now consecutive and unique
  • View receipt numbers of previously printed receipts
  • "Church" terminology changed to "Charity"

Changes made in Version 11.1

(released November 2010) - View the complete list

  • Sync e-mail addresses to your Constant Contact account
  • Print 941 forms directly from Payroll
  • Export PowerChurch Plus database to an Access MDB file

Changes made in Version 11

(released December 2009) - View the complete list

  • Family Mailing List and Integrated Data Entry screens display Visitations records
  • Personal Profiles screen displays Activities, Attendance, Contributions, and Ministry Services records
  • Integration with Protect My Ministry to provide background checks for adults in selected activities
  • Class Promotions added to easily move people from one activity to the next, such as Sunday School graduation
  • Memo (note) field added to Contribution entry
  • Designated Contributions tracking added for things like memorials and missionary support
  • Repeating invoices added to Accounts Receivable
  • Sync Events to Google Calendar
  • Integration with PowerChurch Check In, an add-on product
The Payroll module was completely rewritten in this release:
  • Time Off tracking
  • 941 Deposit Report assistant
  • Process Contributions deductions from Payroll checks
  • Record printed checks, manual checks, and direct deposit transactions all at once
  • Integration with Protect My Ministry to provide employee background checks

Changes made in Version 10.4

(released November 2007) - View the complete list

  • Filtering options on the Locate lists in Family Mailing List and Personal Profiles.
  • Adult Y/N field is now automatically updated according to birth date.
  • Include account numbers on Balance Sheet and Income & Expense Statement.
  • Print and Post selected transactions in Accounts Payable.
  • Combine multiple A/P vendors together using Reassign Vendor ID.
  • Combine multiple Contribution Funds together using Reassign Fund Number.
  • Bulk e-mails now support SSL and TLS security.
  • Backup to and Restore from DVD and DVD/CD combo drives.
  • Automatic Maintenance Release notifications in the program.
  • Added support for tractor-feed printing, even for Windows 2000 and newer users.

Changes made in Version 10

(released November 2006) - View the complete list

  • Event Scheduling module. Reserve rooms and equipment, assign tasks, send e-mail notifications and publish calendars.
  • PowerChurch Today brings time-sensitive data to your attention at program startup.
  • Searchable Membership Contact List
  • Quick Tagging screens allow you to easily tag Membership records.
  • Print account distributions on Accounts Payable checks
  • Customizable Contribution Types. No longer limited to Cash or Check.
  • Repeating Contributions allow you to record scheduled giving.
  • Quick Tasks menu provides a customizable "shortcut bar".
  • Backup to and Restore from a local folder on any drive.

Changes made in Version 9

(released September 2004) - View the complete list

  • The Fund Accounting module was completely rewritten with the following changes:
  • Now holds multiple years of accounting detail
  • Change or combine account numbers mid-year
  • Tracking for donor restricted funds
  • You can now have up to 12 months open at a time
Other improvements.
  • You can now print information on the memo line of Accounts Payable checks.
  • Bulk e-mails now allow file attachments and HTML formatting.
  • Send Contribution Statements by e-mail to selected contributors.

Changes made in Version 8.5

(released September 2002) - View the complete list

  • Send an e-mail message to a group of Personal Profiles and Activities & Skills.
  • Prints 1099-MISC forms for Accounts Payable vendors.
  • Backup directly to a CD-R/RW drive.
  • Internet Mapping for member addresses - Choose from Mapquest or Yahoo! maps.
  • Enter Attendance with a standard barcode wand. (Additional hardware is required.)
  • Enter contributions using a MICR check reader. (Additional hardware is required.)
  • E-mail address is now available on all layouts of the Church Directory.
  • Use the new external reindex utility with Windows Scheduler to reindex automatically.
  • "Manufacturer" and "Model Number" fields have been added to Equipment Inventory.
  • Added customizable background images on the PowerChurch desktop.

Changes made in Version 8

(released March 2001) - View the complete list

  • The reporting system was redesigned, using Crystal Reports for more professional reporting.
  • 20 new and improved reports
  • New phone number fields: three for each family and five for each personal profile.
  • Added e-mail address field. In addition, the e-mail address has been added to several reports.
  • Automatically switch to the alternate address for the time period you specify.
  • Allows an unlimited number of debits and credits in accounting transactions.
  • Popup calendars were added to make entering dates easier.
  • Allows multiple pledges for the same contributor.
  • Added the ability to record check numbers in Contributions.
  • Unlimited notes fields added on both the family and profiles screens.