Technical Support Policies
Technical Support for users of PowerChurch Plus is a paid service. PowerChurch Online subscriptions include unlimited Technical Support.

What is Technical Support?
Technical Support will help you with installation problems or any other questions you may have about the operation of the software. Our highly trained technicians will make every reasonable effort to resolve your support requests. However, please note that Technical Support is not a training service to teach you how to use a computer or to teach you accounting principles. If you need help in these areas, contact your local community college or training school, which may offer classes that can teach you the appropriate skills.

Free Support Period
A free technical support period is provided with the purchase of PowerChurch Plus. 90 days are provided with the initial program purchase and 45 days are provided with the purchase of an update. These free periods of support do not begin until the first support call or e-mail.

Paid Support Options
After any available support period expires, you will be given the option of either paying for Technical Support on a per call/e-mail basis which is $35 USD and includes a week of free follow up on that same issue. Alternatively, you can sign up for six months of unlimited Technical Support for $149 USD or one year for $280 USD.

Please Note: Technical Support questions sent by e-mail are answered by live technicians who provide individual responses to your questions. The same policies listed above for Technical Support by phone apply to those answers provided by e-mail. If you have a free period of support, it may be activated by your e-mail. If your organization is not on an active Technical Support plan, you will be offered the option of a one-time support call or six month support subscription, as detailed above.

PowerChurch Online
PowerChurch Online users receive unlimited Technical Support service by phone or email at no additional charge.

Requesting Support
If you are in the US or Canada and you would like to contact us by phone, our toll-free support number is (800) 486-1800 and our support hours are 9AM to 6PM Eastern, Monday through Friday. For users outside the US and Canada, please call (828) 665-1818.

To contact us by e-mail, simply submit your questions by filling out the support request form here or you can send an e-mail to Please be sure to include your church's name and Registration Number. You can find the Registration Number (RN) in PowerChurch Plus by going to Help > About PowerChurch Plus. The RN is shown just above the church name.

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