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10/06/2010 - Check In Maintenance Release

A new Maintenance Release for the PowerChurch Check In system has been published, dated 10/6/2010. There are no longer separate installers for kiosk and server components. The kiosks will update automatically after connecting to the server the first time. This release contains following fixes, changes and new features:

  • Error handling added for web cam
  • Location of onscreen keyboard blocks fields on some screens
  • People not currently checked in can be italicized and grayed out in the Check In screen (as if they are already checked in)
  • Laser printer check in forms not printing in some cases
  • An error can occur if the data files reside on a different computer than the Check In Server
  • Class name causes a problem on labels if not printed
  • Bar code scan does not find member, but searching for bar code string does
  • Web Check In error message after resetting theme
  • Check In shows the wrong family information if you go through a certain series of steps
  • Dymo label layouts are now cached in the Kiosk system files on a per-session basis for faster printing

09/14/2010 - Version 11 Maintenance Release

A Maintenance Release dated 9/14/2010 has been published for Version 11. To download and install this from within the program, go to Help > Download Maintenance Release. To manually download and install it, visit The following changes were made in this update:

  • Attendance Register Form - Weekly Column Format gives error message
  • Error message displayed when invalid file path in User Setup Options
  • Payroll - Employee Pay Items report - Sort alphabetically
  • Shared report profiles are not editable by other users

09/08/2010 - Version 11 Maintenance Release

A Maintenance Release dated 9/8/2010 has been published for Version 11. To download and install this from within the program, go to Help > Download Maintenance Release. To manually download and install it, visit The following changes were made in this update:

Accounts Receivable

  • Suffixes are being ignored, causing John Smith Jr. and John Smith Sr. to be combined on reports and invoices.


  • Activities that are marked to not record attendance should not show on Attendance Register Forms
  • Possible to have duplicate names on Consecutive Absentees report
  • Consecutive Absentee report inserts a blank page when saved as Word doc

Church Directory

  • Home Phone number moved back to the top right when pictures are not included


  • Contributions - Import Contributions shows error message on Macs in PC Online
  • Date Selections - Month of August has only 30 days in "This Month" selection
  • E-mail - File attachments do not work properly on Macs in PC Online.

Fund Accounting

  • Zero total Contributions causes empty line in Fund Accounting transaction.
  • Field widths increased on the Bank Reconciliation screen to allow more digits displayed
  • Possible to get an error message when clicking the "Restart" button on the Unposted Transactions report


  • Generic Tax Tables no longer require Standard Deduction
  • Time Earned does not show properly on check stub
  • Income items can now debit any type of account, not just expense
  • W2 doesn't show local wages if employee has no local deductions
  • Quarterly Report does not show middle initial or suffix
  • Wage & Hour report does not show middle initial or suffix

PC Today

  • The Accounts Payable page will not display in PowerChurch Today if you do not have Fund Accounting privileges

Personal Profiles

  • Birthdays and Anniversaries report does not use preferred name field


  • Built-in reports do not automatically print to the default paper tray
  • Updated many incorrect Help Context IDs in the online help document (used when you press F1 key)


  • Added new topics into the online help regarding customizing mailing labels and check layouts
  • Contributions - Check Reader screen now verifies that the correct system files are installed for your version of Windows.
  • Family Mailing List - Pictorial Directory (now called Selected Families With Pictures) added into Family Mailing List reports
  • Family Mailing List - Option to print Family Update Forms for alignment with window envelopes
  • Mailing Labels - Added an option on Mailing Labels Setup screen to change the way "One label per household" names are arranged. Rather than "The Smith Family", it allows you to have the labels display "John & Sarah Smith (Billy, Wendy)".
  • Maintenance Release - Once an MR is automatically installed, the program starts up automatically
  • Payroll - Added taxable benefits (ie life insurance) item type, will show code C in box 12 on W2
  • Payroll - Pay Period on Process Payroll screen now changes depending on which pay group you are processing
  • Payroll - Preview of Paycheck Items report (now called Employee Pay Items report) added into the Payroll reports menu and also on the Process Payroll screen
  • Payroll - Added Select All/Clear All button to Post Payroll screen
  • PowerChurch Mailroom - added option for "One label per household" labels

08/26/2010 - Intelligent Mail Barcodes

The US Postal Service recently sent out a letter reminding bulk mail customers about the new Intelligent Mail Barcodes that will be a requirement as of May 2011. PowerChurch Plus Versions 9 and higher were updated in 2008, adding support for the Intelligent Mail Barcodes. You can find the configuration options under File > Preferences > Mailing Label Setup. If you do not see the Intelligent Mail Barcode options on this screen, download the latest Maintenance Release for your version at

08/02/2010 - Check In Maintenance Release

A new Maintenance Release for the PowerChurch Check In system has been published, dated 08/02/2010. Separate installers are available for the Server component and the Kiosk component. You can download the updates at: Once the server has been updated, kiosks must be updated before they will be able to connect to the server. This is the last Maintenance Release for Check In that will feature separate Server/Kiosk installs. After this release, when the server is updated, the kiosks will automatically be updated the next time you connect. This release contains following fixes, changes and new features:

  • Some families excluded from update family
  • Default Adult Y/N values when adding new family
  • Adult Y/N values not updated when editing a family
  • PDF manual was out of date with new features
  • Possible to receive "Minimum resolution 1024x600" message when resolution is set to 1024x600
  • Increase server timeout on the kiosk
  • New Feature - Update kiosk from server automatically

07/19/2010 - New Custom Report Walkthrough

We have added a new custom report walkthrough "Attendance Count Report" in the Knowledge Base. This report groups multiple services together on a single date to give you an accurate attendance status and count. To view the list of custom report walkthroughs available on the site, visit Custom Report Examples.

07/12/2010 - Version 11 Maintenance Release

A Maintenance Release dated 7/12/2010 has been published for Version 11. To download and install this from within the program, go to Help > Download Maintenance Release. To manually download and install it, visit The following changes were made in this update:

  • E-mail may not be sent to either address if one address is bad (for example: bademail;
  • Vendor names not sorted properly in "Select items to pay" list
  • HTML bookmark links not formatted properly in bulk e-mail
  • Local copy of CHM help file not being updated with Maintenance Release
  • Sync to Google Calendar hangs on error
  • Designated Contributions report title shows "Designated Givings"
  • Family email address ignored on E-mail Statement List report
  • Possible to create error message when adding new Contribution Fund
  • Birthday & Anniversary report does not include multiple months of dates
  • Beginning and Ending Instructions do not print on every group in the Family Update Form
  • Blank Family Form does not show last family or individual phone field
  • First name does not print on Current Officers labels in Activities & Skills

07/08/2010 - Quarterly Newsletter - Summer 2010

We have published the first issue of a new quarterly e-mail newsletter. If you did not receive the e-mail, you can view it here. You can change e-mail subscriptions here or by logging in to my account. We have also added the full newsletter text in the searchable Knowledge Base.

07/06/2010 - Version 10 Maintenance Release

A Maintenance Release dated 7/6/2010 was published for PowerChurch Plus version 10 and 10.4. The following changes were made in this release:

Accounts Payable

  • Missing date causes error on invoice and manual check
  • Account detail on check stub might use old, deleted acct names
  • Added prompt if A/P transaction does not affect an asset account


  • Attendance Register Form - Weekly Column format does not have visitor lines
  • Activity Attendance report is not formatted properly in Excel Contributions


  • Add "don't show this" option to Contribution date warning
  • Monthly Contribution Totals report is not formatted properly in Excel
  • Unposted Contributions report can group incorrectly by name instead of envelope
  • Canadian Tax Receipts require middle initial or name
  • Release repeating does not release end of month contributions


  • Newly booked rooms do not always show on Daily Plan View
  • Events filtered by activity does not always work
  • Event Occurrences with Detail report date format does not follow Regional Settings

Fund Accounting

  • Balance Sheet by Fund report always includes account numbers
  • Annual Budget Worksheet report - Budget by the group accounts are not treated as budgeted
  • Custom Reports - Income & Expense balances not reset to zero at beginning of year
  • Account Activity report ignores "show year end transactions" option
  • Cash Management report - added sort within account types

Mailing Labels

  • 14 label sheets (5162) are out of alignment
  • Envelope number cut off on 5162 labels
  • Bar codes stop printing after a problem address


  • Backup to CD/DVD not supported in Windows 7
  • Crystal Reports can error on 64 bit Windows
  • Date lookup button does not work in certain scenarios
  • Bulk e-mail - Anchor links do not work in HTML formatting
  • Zip Code sort is wrong when alternate address in use Personal Profiles
  • Export Data missing e-mail preference fields

06/16/2010 - Version 11 Maintenance Release

A new Maintenance Release has been published for PowerChurch Plus version 11. Visit to download this release manually, or simply go to Help > Download Maintenance Release. The following issues were addressed in this Maintenance Release:

Accounts Payable

  • Repeating transaction can be out of balance in certain circumstances
  • Feature Change - Accounts Payable invoice/manual check description changes to match vendor name
  • Feature Change - Support added for July 1 change to Canadian HST


  • Feature Change - Consecutive Absentee report can now be grouped by Activity Type, to support multiple services
  • Feature Change - Blank Visitor lines added to Attendance Register Form on Weekly Column layout
  • Press F1 on Attendance Mail Merge/Labels screen opens wrong help topic
  • Activity Attendance report saved to Excel file layout problem


  • Added "Don't show this" option on Contributions date changed warning
  • An error occurs when you click the Refresh Report Options button on the Bank Deposit Slip
  • Monthly Contribution Totals report saved to Excel file layout problem
  • Calculator button removed from tab sequence on Enter Contributions
  • Contribution Fund Type not shown on funds lookup lists
  • Reverse contributions does not reverse designation
  • E-mail Contribution Statement doesn't recognize family e-mail
  • Error on fund lookup in Contributions graphs

Custom Reports

  • Unique family id (mail_no) missing from Custom Reports


  • Feature Change - Sync to Google Calendar now only syncs events from one month prior and 18 months future
  • Filtering by activity or church-wide on Events reports does not work
  • Sync to Google Calendar errors when Google server timeout
  • Uncheck "Sync to Google" setting on event does not remove it from Google Calendar on next sync

Family Mailing List

  • Visit Area and Who Visits fields return two digit codes instead of descriptions in some reports
  • Blank Family Form and Family Update Form missing profile phone # 5
  • Blank pages removed from Family Update Form

Fund Accounting

  • Income and expense account balances not resetting to $0 at beginning of the year in Custom Reports
  • Annual Budget Worksheet not including "Budget by the group" detail accounts


  • Running report from Quick Task menu does not load default profile
  • Tool tips added to buttons throughout Version 11
  • Users without "Maintain Custom Code" permissions can add new codes

Mailing Labels

  • 5162 14 label sheets out of alignment
  • When printing labels using Intelligent Mail Bar codes, a problem address will cause bar codes to stop printing

Ministry Services

  • Spell check button missing from Add Ministry Services
  • Feature Change - Allow future dates entered into Ministry Services Passwords/Permissions


  • Feature Change - 941 Form changing on July 1, 2010
  • Code "W" (health savings account) added as an option in Box 12 on the W2
  • W2 does not print second State or Locality
  • Feature Change - Arizona State tax table format changing on July 1, 2010
  • Post Payroll added to Accounting Audit Log

Personal Profiles

  • Select by Visit Area does not work on Selected Profiles - Full Details report


  • Error on deleting custom Visitations codes
  • Family Mailing List permissions should not be required to add new Visitations

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