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03/08/2010 - Version 11 Maintenance Release

A new Maintenance Release has been issued for Version 11. The following issues were resolved in this release:

  • Accounts Payable > Check Printing - Account names used on bottom check stub sometimes use wrong account name
  • Contributions > Audit Log (feature change) - Now tracks when a Contribution Fund name is changed
  • Contributions > Contribution Funds - Does not require a fund name
  • Contributions > Maintain List of Contribution Funds - Tab order is off
  • Contributions > Maintain List of Contribution Funds - Add default bank account in "Debit (bank) account" field
  • Contributions > Statements - Full Fund Details layout not properly combining +/- entries
  • Contributions > Repeating Contributions - Fund number not properly assigned if not selected from the lookup
  • Events > Google Sync - Events in Daylight Savings Time have the wrong time
  • General - Maintenance Release does not automatically download
  • OneBody Sync - Possible error during sync if anniversary date field is set to
  • Payroll - Georgia state taxes not calculating properly
  • Payroll > Maintain Item Descriptions - Next/Previous buttons lose focus to the item number
  • Payroll > Unposted Transactions report - No sort order defined for items under each employee
  • Payroll > Posting (feature change) - Option to skip account validation when posting (for those with non-standard account setups)
  • Payroll > Maintain List of Employees - Error when moving employee to "Former Employees" group
  • Print Mailing Labels - Error when printing labels in street address order

02/26/2010 - New video - Finish Payroll Conversion

We have added a new video to the YouTube page. It has also been added to the site here. This quick video, approximately 5 minutes long, provides a walk-through of the Finish Payroll Conversion process, which you would see after upgrading to Version 11.

02/23/2010 - Version 11 Maintenance Release

A Maintenance Release dated 02/23/2010 was released for Version 11 that addressed the following issues:


  • An error occurs when clicking the Lookup button on Year Pledge Processing
  • Custom Reports - Designation information not available in custom reports
  • Help files correction: Bank Deposit Slip does not filter by Contribution Type

Fund Accounting

  • Custom Reports - Access denied error if user does not have permissions for Accounts Payable
  • Duplicate trans_no causes certain transactions to not show in bank reconciliation
  • Balance Sheet By Fund report - Account numbers are always printed. Setting ignored.
  • Reconcile Bank Accounts - (Feature change) Sort first by reference, then by date
  • Detail Changes in Equity - Report does not include direct transactions

Accounts Payable

  • Release Repeating - The Clear All button doesn't do anything
  • Release Repeating - Ignores next release date
  • Add Vendor from Manual Check or Invoice screen and "State" field is not saved


  • The Line Description is wrong on Fund Accounting transaction from Payroll checks
  • Voids stored in data as positive hours instead of negative
  • Don't process selected items does not stop processing the items
  • Clicking the Print Test button on the W3 align page causes an error
  • Contribution deduction items don't show on check stub
  • Employee start date required to issue checks


  • Google sync fails with hosted Google accounts
  • Google sync may error with "specified key exists"
  • Google Sync - Changing an event description does not trigger the update in sync


  • Family Mailing List > Import Data - (Feature change) Display better error reporting, when a problem with file format
  • Visitations > Custom Reports - Visitation codes not displayed properly
  • Attendance > Register Form - (Feature change) Always show role in Weekly Column Format
  • Attendance > Detail Attendance By Activity Type report - (Feature change) Now grouped by family, sorted alphabetically

01/25/2010 - Version 11 Maintenance Release

The following issues were addressed in a Maintenance Release dated 01/25/2010:

  • Contribution check number on the Maintain Personal Profiles screen shows first 6 digits of check number, instead of last 6 digits
  • Contribution check number on the View Posted Contributions screen shows first 6 digits of check number, instead of last 6 digits
  • Check number field on Contribution Detail screen (click the Details button on the View Posted Contributions screen) is not wide enough to show a full 20 digit check number
  • Posted Contributions report truncates the last digit off the date on certain printers (HP 6MP)
  • Contribution Statements reports do not "refresh" the Report Options properly.
  • Canadian Tax Receipts, when middle name is included, space missing between middle name and last name
  • Exclusive file access is required when posting Contributions. This does not need to be the case. Only when modifying existing data do you need exclusive file access.
  • Google Calendar sync in Events gives "File does not exist" error
  • Accounts Payable - Repeating manual checks always release as negative check amount

01/21/2010 - Version 11 Maintenance Release

A new maintenance release dated 01/21/2010 is available for version 11. The following items were fixed in this release:

  • An error can occur in the Google Calendar Sync process if you have a valid Google login, but no calendar
  • Links from within the program to external exe files, such as Google sync and Netsetup are looking in the local program directory, rather than the network program directory on network installs
  • Certain installs that occur from inside the program (reports, bar codes, etc) are not running properly
  • Certain menus have incorrect hot keys (ALT+...) assigned
  • Tab order is incorrect on Annual Budget Worksheet report options screen
  • Cash Management report does not include unposted Payroll figures
  • Errors can occur when running the 941 assistant
  • Housing Allowance does not show correctly on 941 and W2 for Social Security and Medicare wages
  • In certain instances, pastor salary does not show properly in state wages on W2
  • Possible to have negative dollar amounts showing on the W2 form
  • Maintain Tax Tables screen doesn't open the appropriate help document when pressing F1
  • Receipt number not printing properly on new Canadian Tax Receipt layout
  • Possible that Contribution Statements show check number as "..."
  • Contribution Statements sorted by zip code ignores alternate address zip code
  • Possible error when e-mailing contribution statements
  • Middle initial added to Canadian Tax Receipt
  • Bank Deposit Slip report not grouping checks properly
  • Possible error message in converting custom reports ("Variable MB_OK not found")
  • Add New Code causes an error when adding a new Event
  • When sending bulk e-mails, if a person does not have an e-mail address, an error could occur

01/06/2010 - Version 11 Maintenance Release

The following changes were made in the 1/6/2010 Maintenance Release for version 11:

  • When posting from Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Contributions, and Payroll, if posting to your current month, the Accounting Month validation process will return that the month is already closed.
  • The "Use this activity in Events" option box on the Maintain Activity/Skill Descriptions screen can sometimes be disabled.
  • Inconsistent Help menu operations in network install. Clicking the "Contents" option successfully opens the help document. Clicking the "Search for help on" option is stopped by Windows security settings and shows "navigation canceled" message.

12/30/2009 - Version 11 Status

All of the pre-orders for version 11 have now been shipped. New users to PowerChurch Online will now be set up on PowerChurch Plus version 11. Existing users of PowerChurch Online can request to be converted up to version 11 at any time. All remaining online users will be transitioned automatically starting in February 2010.

12/24/2009 - Version 11 Demos Now Available

The PowerChurch Plus version 11 demos are available for download and on CD by mail. Visit the demo page to get your copy today.

12/16/2009 - PowerChurch Mailroom Update

We are mailing out an update for PowerChurch Mailroom which has new postage statement layouts. The new layouts must be used for mailings dated after January 4th 2010.

12/10/2009 - Web Site and Version 11 Rollout

After a year and a half in development, we have finally launched the new web site to coincide with the release of PowerChurch Plus version 11. We are currently taking pre-orders for Version 11, because the manuals are a couple of weeks later than we anticipated arriving from the printers. We expect to be shipping before the end of the year. If you come across errors on the web site, or find something annoying, please use the Contact form to send a heads up to the Webmaster.

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