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12/24/2009 - Version 11 Demos Now Available

The PowerChurch Plus version 11 demos are available for download and on CD by mail. Visit the demo page to get your copy today.

12/16/2009 - PowerChurch Mailroom Update

We are mailing out an update for PowerChurch Mailroom which has new postage statement layouts. The new layouts must be used for mailings dated after January 4th 2010.

12/10/2009 - Web Site and Version 11 Rollout

After a year and a half in development, we have finally launched the new web site to coincide with the release of PowerChurch Plus version 11. We are currently taking pre-orders for Version 11, because the manuals are a couple of weeks later than we anticipated arriving from the printers. We expect to be shipping before the end of the year. If you come across errors on the web site, or find something annoying, please use the Contact form to send a heads up to the Webmaster.

12/03/2009 - New Knowledge Base Articles Added

We have published a bunch of new Knowledge Base articles, including Custom Report Examples and Payroll Tax Table walk-throughs for each US state. Take a look at the following pages for links to the new articles: Custom Report Examples State Tax Tables

10/11/2009 - PowerChurch Software channel on YouTube

We have launched a few videos on the new PowerChurch Software channel on YouTube. These videos are available through the Video Tutorials area in the Knowledge Base. New videos will be added regularly, so check back often.

08/06/2009 - Version 11 Beta Test Launched

We have officially launched a public beta test of PowerChurch Plus Version 11 and the new Check In system add-on. If you wish to participate in the beta program, sign in or register a new support forum account and drop a reply in the Version 11 Beta Testing thread and we will add you to the Beta Users group, giving you access to the Version 11 Beta Testing forums.

06/02/2009 - PowerChurch Plus Wins 2009 Campbell Award

PowerChurch Plus has received the highly regarded Campbell Award for User Satisfaction in the 2009 Church Management Solutions nationwide survey. View the full press release here.

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